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New Program: Press Notification of Cryopreservation

Are you a public Alcor member? Would you like to help Alcor increase the awareness of cryonics in your local community?  If your answer is yes to these questions, Alcor would like to encourage you to participate in the new press release project.

For public members who submit consent forms, Alcor will send a press release to local hometown newspapers upon cryopreservation. These press releases will be brief; similar to the business notices that appear in many local papers.

Simply fill out the consent form and mail it to Alcor. You can also fax it to 480/922-9027, Attn: Lisa Shock.  Your form will be placed in your membership file for future reference.

If you have questions or would like more information on this project, email Lisa at


Silent Auction

Alcor is seeking donations for a silent auction to be held during the 40th Anniversary Conference, October 19-21, 2012. Previous silent auctions have been exciting opportunities for attendees to acquire rare art and collectibles, and provided important funding to support Alcor’s mission.  With help from members and supporters like you, this year’s event is expected to be bigger and more exciting than ever.

Since many people will be travelling to the event, small items are the most desirable. Suggested donations include: autographed books, small collectibles, small art, gift certificates, and digital media. Items should be in good condition, and donors should include a statement of the item’s current market value.

Alcor has always relied on the generosity of members like you to achieve its goals. Your charitable donation to the silent auction will help keep Alcor positioned as the world leader in cryonics services.

For more information, please contact Lisa Shock at or 480/905-1906 extension 115.

Cryonics March-April 2012

The March-April issue of Cryonics features an extensive treatment of protecting one’s cryonics arrangements against inflation through life insurance. Insurance agent and Alcor member Rudi Hoffman makes the case for “superfunding” your cryonics arrangements to keep pace with the rising costs of advanced medical procedures. The author explains the differences between the major forms of life insurance (term life, whole life, universal life, etc.), gives advice on how to evaluate the various bells and whistles insurances companies offer, and provides guidance on how to read those long policy illustrations.

This issue continues the recent focus on identity-destroying brain disorders by offering an article by Alcor staff member Mike Perry about the latest developments in Alzheimer’s Disease diagnosis.

Alcor CEO Max More reports on the upcoming Alcor conference and both book reviews deal with the topic of immortality, albeit from a different perspective.