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Alcor News

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Alcor Co-Founder Fred Chamberlain is Cryopreserved

Fred Chamberlain III who, with his wife Linda, incorporated Alcor in 1972, was cryopreserved by Alcor on March 22, 2012. One week earlier, Fred relocated from Florida to a Scottsdale hospice. This allowed us to watch over him and respond immediately when needed. We believe that Fred received an excellent cryopreservation. More details will be released later. Fred (A-1002), a neuro member, was pronounced early in the morning of March 22, 2012.

Linda Chamberlain, has released a document to announce his cryopreservation and honor him:

“One of our great intellectual and emotional bonds was our interest in technological means of extending life. Fred and I incorporated the Alcor Life Extension Foundation in 1972; the minutes of those early Alcor meetings can be viewed by those who might be interested. Many details from those early years are available on Wikipedia.”

New Alcor Website

This week Alcor is launching a new version of its main website at This is the first major change to the appearance and navigation of the site since the extensive revamping in 2003. The site content remains the same, but the presentation and organization are improved. Content growth over the past decade had made the once-clear-and-simple menu system of the old site more difficult to use. The new pull-down menus make the rich site content easier to locate and navigate. The new site is also integrated with social sharing networks, and includes feeds from Cryonics magazine and Alcor News blog on every page. It explains more clearly the various media by which Alcor now communicates, including Facebook, Member Forums, RSS feeds, and email subscription options. The new site is the product of months of development by Alcor’s all-volunteer Website Working Group.

Alcor has come a long way since its first CompuServe account in 1986, BBS in 1987, and first website in 1995. Continue the journey with us on our new website.