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Case Report for A-1614

Wesley Du Charme, PhD became a member of Alcor in 1995. Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, April 3, 1939, he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree, magna cum laude in psychology, from the University of Colorado, and a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Michigan. In May 1961 Wesley married Skippy Clark and together they had three daughters.  He taught psychology at Rice University in Houston and later worked for corporations as an industrial psychologist. He was living in Rathdrum, Idaho at the time of his terminal illness.

Du Charme authored a book: Becoming Immortal: Nanotechnology, You and the Demise of Death in 1995, which discussed the opportunity for virtual immortality through combining nanotechnology and cryonics.  He lived life fully while always looking to the future; he joined Alcor in hopes of living in the far future.

The entire case report is located on Alcor’s website in the Library section under Cryopreservation Case Reports 2010: Wesley du Charme [PDF]

Arizona Response Team Training Session

Alcor will host a training session for the Arizona Response Team on Saturday, June 25th, 2011. This will be held at Alcor Central in Scottsdale, AZ starting at 10:00 am. Aaron Drake, Alcor’s Medical Response Director will conduct the training.

This is the follow-up training to the session held earlier this year in March.  After a review of the objectives and procedures learned previously, there will be scenario based exercise for everyone to practice their skills in real-time.  Please contact Aaron Drake at if you plan to attend this training session.

Aaron Drake, NREMT-P, CCT
Medical Response Director
Alcor Foundation

Office:      877-462-5267×104
Fax:         480-922-9027

Cryonics Magazine 2nd Quarter 2011 Now Online

Alcor is pleased to announce that the 2nd Quarter 2011 Cryonics Magazine is now available for viewing, purchasing and downloading.

Just because we no longer mail out physical copies of Cryonics magazine (except by special arrangement), you shouldn’t miss on what’s going on at Alcor and in cryonics. In the 2nd Quarter 2011 issue, the CEO Update discusses the dangers of flawed perfectionism, then describes recent upgrades and advances at Alcor, member privacy, documentation, talks, building improvements, and boosting growth through communication.

In his recent talk at the Suspended Animation conference, Alcor director Brian Wowk surveyed the alternatives for achieving solid state suspended animation. Apart from the currently preferred method of vitrification, these include freezing, high pressures to alter how freezing proceeds, freezing in the presence of electromagnetic fields, using clathrates (a strange kind of ice), chemopreservation. The last of these options is explored in this issue by Alcor member Kenneth Hayworth, Ph.D., who writes about the Brain Preservation Foundation and the Brain Preservation Technology Prize. The Prize aims to encourage researchers to develop chemical or cryobiological methods to preserve the precise pattern of synaptic connectivity in the brain. Alcor staff member Michael Perry, Ph.D., expresses Alcor’s support for this project and also outlines Alcor’s own perspective.

Also in this issue: rejuvenation advocate Aubrey de Grey, Ph.D., responds to Ben Best’s
critical assessment of SENS (published in the 1st Quarter issue); Mike Perry reviews Global Catastrophic Risks; and there’s a member profile of long-serving staff member Hugh Hixon.

Cryonics magazine is also available as a paper magazine. Individual issues cost $9.95 plus shipping.  They can be ordered at MagCloud.  A subscription to the paper edition of Cryonics magazine is also available. If you live in the United States, a subscription for one year costs $39, two years $69, three years $99 (including shipping). If you live in another country, a subscription for one year costs $99, two years $179, three years $239 (including shipping). Start your subscriptions to the paper edition TODAY!