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New Cryonics Magazine Website and Paper Subscriptions

During the last two years Alcor has made great efforts to return to its regular publishing schedule. We are pleased to announce that Cryonics magazine is back on schedule with the launch of a new Cryonics magazine website at

The new Cryonics magazine website will publish the latest issue of the magazine, featured articles and web exclusives. Mike’s Perry’s Tech News will continue as an online feature on the website to allow us to report any technical news items that are relevant to the science and practice of cryonics shortly after we learn about them. For our new magazine website we are actively soliciting contributions from our members and interesting writers.

We want Cryonics magazine to be a publication that appeals to our members and the general public, and to achieve this objective we have formed an Editorial Board who works with the Editor, Aschwin de Wolf, to ensure the quality of our publication and a wide diversity of perspectives. Our vision of the magazine is one in which there is a place for constructive debate, disagreement, and polite dissent. You will also see renewed efforts to keep our membership informed about what is going on at Alcor, including periodic updates about our standby capabilities and technological progress.

We understand that some of our members and subscribers prefer paper copies of individual issues or would like to subscribe to the print-on-demand edition of the magazine. Our new magazine website offers all the information you need to purchase individual copies or to start an Alcor-administered subscription to the magazine.

Alcor also recognizes that many members would like to see more interaction between members and between members and Alcor officials. The Alcor Facebook page allows you to comment on Alcor News items and magazine articles and the Alcor Website Working Group is building a new forum where Alcor members can discuss issues concerning Alcor and cryonics.

Please subscribe to the new magazine website feed:

and promote the magazine among other members, friends and colleagues.

The 2nd Annual Young Cryonicists Gathering

Teens & Twenties 2011: Getting to know each other seminar.

This cryonics focus group seminar hosted by Bill Faloon and Carin Idun will be held on Thursday, May 19 and Friday, May 20, 2011, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Invitations were mailed to CI and Alcor members ages 13-29.

The purpose of the young cryonicists’ seminars is to develop a continuing social network of like-minded individuals who otherwise might not have the opportunity to meet in person.  This gathering is open to young cryonicists from all cryonics organizations. Registered participants will also enjoy the opportunity to attend the Suspended Animation conference. You must be registered IN ADVANCE to attend.

Application forms can be requested from Kathy Markell (954) 202-7702

More information on the Facebook event page here.

Suspended Animation Conference 2011

Can you imagine the future?  When we’ll travel to other stars. Have super-intelligent computers.  Robot servants.  And nanomachines that keep us young and healthy for centuries!  Will you live long enough to experience all this?

“Unlikely,” you say?  Not necessarily.  Suspended Animation can be your bridge to the advances of the future. The technology is here today to have you cryopreserved for future reanimation.  To enable you to engage in time travel to the spectacular advances of the future.

This technology is far from perfect now.  But it is good enough to give you a chance at unlimited life and prosperity.  Remarkable advances in cryopreservation have already been achieved. Millions of dollars are being spent to achieve perfected suspended animation and new technologies to revive time travelers in the future.

You can learn all about these technologies at a conference in South Florida on May 20-22, 2011.  At this conference, the foremost authorities in human cryopreservation and future reanimation will convene at the Hyatt Regency Pier 66 Resort and Spa in Ft. Lauderdale.  They will inform you about pathbreaking research advances that could make your most exciting dreams come true.

This conference is being sponsored by Suspended Animation, Inc. (SA), a company in Boynton Beach, Florida where advanced human cryopreservation equipment and services are being developed. After you’ve been enlightened by imagination-stretching presentations about today’s scientifically credible technologies and the projected advances of tomorrow at the Hyatt Regency, you’ll be transported to SA’s extraordinary laboratory where you will be able to see some of these technologies for yourself.

This link gives you special access to a downloadable brochure, as well as registration options, so you can get all the details of this remarkable conference that will enable you to obtain the information you need to give yourself the opportunity of a lifetime!

Visit the conference webpage at

Catherine Baldwin

General Manager
Suspended Animation, Inc.