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TX First Responders Training Session Postponed

The Alcor First Responders Training previously scheduled for July 25th and 26th has been postponed. However, the Cryonics Information Session will still be held on July 25th from 4:00 PM to 5:00pm at Steve Jackson Games.

The training session is now scheduled for August 29th and 30th.

Saturday, August 29th: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Sunday, August 30th: 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Location: Steve Jackson Games, 3735 Promontory Point Drive, Austin, TX 78744
RSVP: Shannon Vyff – or (512) 673-3431

Team Training

Team Training
Plans are in the works to re-establish the Arizona team. The team will meet on a regular basis to not only provide team member training but also to train the professional team that will support the different regional teams.

Also, the survey sent out in May, 2009, regarding individuals interested in becoming team members in your area was sent to about 500-600 members with email addresses.

A. Drake stated that they have received 71 responses so far.

New Statistics (As of June)

Alcor had 891 members on its Emergency Responsibility List. Four memberships were approved during this month, two memberships were reinstated, one membership was cancelled and no members were cryopreserved. Overall, there was a net gain of five members this month.

Alcor had 60 applicants for membership. Ten new applicants were added, four (4) applicants were converted to members and two (2) applicants were cancelled resulting in net gain of 4 applicants for this month.

Info Pack
249 info packs were requested this month, 7 were handed out during facility tours or from special request. The average total of 151 info packs sent per month in 2009 is compared to 173 in 2008.

Site Access
The number of distinct computers that accessed the Alcor website in each of the past thirteen months are:
27,071 May
30,845 June
23,794 July
23,087 August
23,083 September
24,261 October
23,218 November
35,020 December
35,741 January
31,625 February
28,479 March
29,313 April
27,819 May

Deployment Committee

Deployment Committee
To better determine when a standby would be initiated and at what level, a Deployment Committee has been established. Comprised of Executive Director Jennifer Chapman, Transport Coordinator Aaron Drake and Chief Medical Advisor Steven Harris. Collectively the committee will review the details of a medical procedure or condition and evaluate the level of response and monitoring Alcor will undertake per its Comprehensive Member Standby program.

Suspended Animation, Inc

A mutual assistance agreement was signed with Suspended Animation, Inc. to assist the organization with the standby, stabilization and transport of its patients. This will significantly enhance our ability to deliver quality care to our membership. We look forward to working with Suspended Animation.