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Alcor News

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The 7th Alcor Conference was held in early October. Of the paid registrants, 40 were members of Alcor and 43 were non-members. Total attendance was approximately 125 people, including registrants, staff, speakers, sponsors, volunteers, press and other special guests. A total of $14,500 in sponsorships was collected. The conference DVD will be professionally edited and pre-orders are now being accepted on the Alcor webstore:

Membership Matters

Approximately 85 Alcor members are over 90 days past due on their membership dues. Alcor is actively attempting to reach them for payment or payment arrangements. Timely payment of membership dues is required to remain a member in good standing.

The 2007 Membership Directory was mailed out this week. Alcor took the opportunity to include a form for confirming the correct contact information for each member, which is important for ensuring we can reach them in an emergency or if their life insurance lapses, etc.

As of October 31, 2007, Alcor had 832 members, following approval of seven new memberships. Five new applicants were added, two of whom applied at the 7th Alcor Conference.


Alcor’s Tanya Jones spoke at the Foresight Vision Weekend in Sunnyvale, California, and an Alcor member handed out literature at the Calorie Restriction Society conference in San Antonio, Texas. Attendees at the Calorie Restriction Society conference are devoted to longevity, and two new applicants for membership with Alcor have resulted thus far.