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Alcor News

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From September Membership Report

On August 31, 2007, Alcor had 829 members on its Emergency Responsibility List. Four memberships were approved during this month, no memberships were reinstated, no memberships were cancelled and no members were cryopreserved. Overall, there was a net gain of four members this month. Currently, there are 712 cryopreservation members and 77 patients.

Alcor has 38 applicants for membership. There were 155 information packets mailed and 10 were handed out during facility tours. The average total of 119 info packs sent per month in 2007 is compared to 164 in 2006.

From September Marketing Report

7th Alcor Conference
Attendance for the 7th Alcor Conference is good at about 100 attendees, though not a large as 2006. The crowd make-up is very similar to last year, in that only about half of the registrants are already members of Alcor. The next conference will be likely be held in 18-24 months. Thanks to our sponsors this year, who contributed $14,000 in support of this event: Life Extension Foundation, Michael Fleischmann, Patrice Levin & Nigel Kell, Immortality Institute, Hospice of the Valley, Cryonics Property LLC, Andrew Popper, Novamente, The Longevity Meme, Betterhumans, The Calorie Restriction Society, and Rudi Hoffman.

Alcor had a presence at the Singularity Summit held in Stanford, California, and Dragon-Con held in Atlanta, Georgia. Literature about Alcor was distributed at both events, and a panel presentation was conducted at the latter.

From September Financial & Accounting Report

As of mid-July, invoices over 90 days past due tallied nearly $73,000. This is believed to be primarily the result of having changed to email-only invoices about a year ago. After a mailing explaining the billing difficulties, the past due amount was reduced to around $50,000 by late-August. Incoming payments dropped off at that point, so collection calls were made to the remaining members with a balance over 90 days past due.

Alcor’s 2006 taxes have been completed. Interviews of several local firms have concluded and are final proposals and references are being collected for presentation to the board of directors, who will select the firm to conduct Alcor’s annual review and/or audit.

Probate Matters
The A-2309 last-minute case is in a state of limbo because of the lack of an executor for the estate. There is no one to carry out the decedent’s wishes. Several strategies are being discussed with our attorneys.

The A-1097 probate also continues. Renovations on the property bequeathed to Alcor are complete and the house is listed for sale at a competitive price. Our realtors recently held the first open house. Alcor was informed this month that it is the beneficiary listed on this patient’s IRA account and the funds can be distributed independent of the probate proceedings.

From September Research & Development Report

The whole body vitrification system is in the final stretches. This project has turned out to be more complex than anticipated, but the end result is expected to be truly extraordinary. The new system will be the most advance human cryopreservation system in the world, with complete integration and control of the relevant cryopreservation parameters, cooling, operator feedback, safety systems, and graceful failure modes. Testing will be just beginning in early October, but an excellent demonstration will be offered during the 7th Alcor Conference open house.

Additional progress is being made in the custom fabrication of a heat exchanger for use with perflurocarbon cooling and the evaluation of a new integrated cardiopulmonary bypass system for the air transportable perfusion (ATP), which has the promise of significantly reducing the size and weight of the system for stabilization and transport.

Clinical Update
Bigfoot 12 is now ready to accept patients. The filling manifold has been extended to include the new dewar and the fill gauge built and installed. This dewar may be sent back to the manufacturer for re-wrapping of the insulation. The Bigfoot-1 repair continues. Hugh Hixon has pumped down the vacuum in the dewar for over 1,500 hours, reaching the temperature of 210 degrees C, in an attempt to remove the water collected in the system. Vacuum pressure has been reduced to 6 microns and is holding steady. It will continue to be pumped down until it is stable for two weeks, and then it will be tested with nitrogen.

Meet Cryonics Members & Supporters in Chicago, IL Area!

Paul Battista would to start a cryonics group to meet on a regular basis in the Chicago, IL area.

The primary purpose for these meetings would be to provide opportunities for like-minded people to discuss topics of interest pertaining to cryonics and related fields.

If you are interested in building a sustainable cryonics community in the Chicago, IL area please email Paul at:

Alcor Board of Directors Panel at Conference

Representatives of the Alcor Board of Directors will participate in a panel discussion at the 7th Alcor conference to address questions from the audience. Alcor members and cryonics enthusiasts, whether attending the conference or not, are encouraged to submit questions in advance.


September Operations Update

We cryopreserved a member’s dog that died last week. The member knew his dog was ill and has been making pre-payments toward the preservation for some time. The dog was shipped to us on dry ice and has been cooled. Alcor now has 32 pets in its care.

As mentioned briefly last month, I held a training session in western Canada. Ben Best was also on hand to discuss Cryonics Institute policies with regard to stabilizations. There were eight students and a couple family members dropped in for short periods. I had some interesting customs issues when crossing the border, which require additional investigation. We may wish to have the Cryonics Society of Canada formally request our presence prior to any future training sessions.

Renovations to the lab spaces continue. I’ve completed a design for renovations to our dry lab, cardiopulmonary bypass lab and old operating room. Subsequent to the renovation, we will be going through our surgical and cryopreservation supplies inventory and replacing expired items. We intend to continue our reorganization efforts until the entire facility is both tidy and functional, in the process clearing out thirteen years worth of clutter.

We are continuing our search for a new accounting firm. A meeting with Ernst and Young led to a few more leads on potential firms. We have another meeting set up for next week, and hope to have three suitable candidates soon. Our 2006 taxes have been completed by one of the candidate firms, Woods and Dwyer. We are pleased with the timeliness of their preparation, providing a significant contrast to our former firm.

Alcor’s Debut on the History Channel

A production company filming for Modern Marvels recently visited Alcor to film the facility and gather research information on the cryopreservation process for their upcoming program on the History Channel. While visiting Alcor the crew arrived just in time to film the transfer of Alcor’s latest patient from a temporary cool down dewar to a permanent dewar. The piece will also include a brief overview of the main steps of a cryopreservation process.

Modern Marvels Episode: Deep Freeze will officially be airing on the History Channel on Tuesday, September 25th at 8pm EST.

Here is a link with more info:
Mark your calendars and spread the word!