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Alcor News

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Alcor Featured in Local News Journal

Alcor was the cover feature article in the August/September 2007 AZ Business magazine. The article, titled “Waiting to Awake”, focused on the Scottsdale–based cryonics organization in a positive and informative light.

To read this article about Alcor and an interview with Tanya Jones, Chief Operating Officer for the Alcor Foundation, visit: AZ Business

Billing Difficulties Resolved

In late 2006, Alcor began mainly sending membership dues invoices by email, in an attempt to streamline operations and minimize postage expenses. This was less reliable than desired, and many members were unaware of the change. Due to this, printed invoices will again be sent through the postal mail. Those currently receiving invoices by email for online payment will continue to do so, in addition to printed invoices.

We regret that some members have not received one or more invoices as a result of this. Those who show a balance over 90 days past due were sent a statement in mid-July. We encourage members to contact us if they prefer to resolve the open balance in installments or are experiencing financial difficulty.

Sheila Kimbrell, Bookkeeper
877-462-5267 x 114 (toll-free)
480-905-1906 x 114 (local)
480-922-9027 (fax)

We also encourage everyone to set up automatic bill payment by completing a credit card authorization form. This is convenient and reliable for you and the preferred method of payment for Alcor.