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Alcor Conference DVD Set – Now Available

The 6th Alcor Conference DVD Set is now available and includes these conference presentations:

– Cryonics Public Policy Panel
– Ralph Merkle, PhD: Nanotechnology and Cryonics
– Robert A. Freitas Jr., JD: Nanomedicine: The Path Forward
– Cryonics Organizations Panel
– J. Storrs Hall, PhD: A Door into Summer
– David Friedman, PhD: If Life Were a Lot Longer, an Economist’s View
– Aubrey de Grey, PhD: SENS: A Precursor to Cryonics Revival
– Brian Wowk, PhD: The Cryobiological Basis of Cryonics
– Stephen Van Sickle: Technical Progress at Alcor
– Tanya Jones: Alcor’s Wealth Preservation Trust

Plus, candid interviews of conference attendees and a guided tour of the Alcor facility.

Only half the fun of the conference, but at a quarter of the price.

Order yours today!

Caloric Restriction Workshop

Are you interested in caloric restriction and its relevant research? Do you want to learn how to limit calories in pursuit of greater longevity?

The Caloric Restriction Society is sponsoring a workshop in Tarrytown, New York, from August 10-12. The workshop will cover the newest scientific discoveries about the practice of caloric restriction and teach you how to incorporate the practice into your lifestyle. The workshop is a benefit for those who contribute to a milestone research project looking into the effects of calorie restriction on humans.

To learn more about the research project:
Caloric Restriction Society’s Research

For logistical and registration details:
Caloric Restriction Society’s Workshop