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Alcor News

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March Board Meeting Results

There was discussion of the following topics:
– The motion to approve a revised version of Alcor’s Bylaws was unanimously approved. The revised Bylaws are being signed by the Board Directors and will, thereafter, be posted to Alcor’s website. The revisions focused on minor typographical errors and other non-substantive changes.
– One membership issue heard at the February 3, 2007 was resolved.
– Jennifer Chapman’s title was changed to “Chief Administrative Officer”.

2006-2007 Matching Grant a Success

With the help of just 48 Alcor members and supporters, the 2006-2007 Matching Grant for Fracture Free Research & Development is a success. These donations – totaling $29, 321 – will be matched by an additional $25,000 from our anonymous donor, bringing the grand total to $54,321. Contributions will be used to understand and seek ways to prevent damaging fractures in our cryonics patients.

Many donors requested privacy, so we are publicly thanking only those who have given us permission to do so:
Linda Abrams
Jimmy Adams
Kevin Brown
Sophia De Goes
Scott Dickey
James Durkin
Jeff Erdel
Reinhold Ferster
Bob Ford
Neil Freer
Graham Hipkiss
Westly Hoffman
Roy Hollis
William Kao
Michael Kelly
Richard Kritzer
Thomas Meyer
Gerald Nelson
Robert Poole
Andrew Popper
Charles Reddeck
Mirelle Rosca
Martine Rothblatt
Thomas Shapard
Garret Smyth
Robert Steiner
Samuel Thompson
Terence Ward
Daniel & Barbara Witt