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Does cryonics mean I have to change the way I live?

Q: I enjoy activities that are fun but may be dangerous sometimes, like mountain climbing, scuba diving, and wilderness exploration. I understand that these activities could cause me to die in a place where I may not be retrieved in time for a good cryopreservation, or at all. Would signing up for cryonics mean that […]

A-1468 became Alcor’s 177th Patient in May 2020

A-1468, a confidential, 56-year old male Alcor member with neuro cryopreservation arrangements was discovered legally deceased in his residence in May 2020. Cryogenic cooldown was initiated two days later. A-1468 had been an Alcor member for many years. The circumstances were extremely unfortunate. This patient experienced an unattended death in his home in California, making […]

CNET covers Alcor

CNET posted an article and a photo gallery about Alcor today: Article with video: “Cryonics, brain preservation and the weird science of cheating death.” Photo Gallery: “Frozen in time: Inside the facility preserving the dead through cryonics.”

A message to our members about COVID-19

Novel coronavirus and the associated COVID-19 pandemic is a top priority at Alcor. The health and safety of our valued Members, staff, and strategic partners is of paramount importance. With the announcement of travel bans and the World Health Organization (WHO) recently declaring COVID-19 as a pandemic, Alcor is taking this threat very seriously. Updates […]

Next Meeting of Alcor Northern California

Sunday, January 12, 2020 – 3:00 pm 3181 Surmont Dr., Lafayette, California Ralph Merkle will discuss the Alcor Board meeting. Please bring a dish to share for a potluck. Please contact Mark Galeck, , if you are interested in carpooling from the South San Francisco Bay area.