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                 Number 48: February 23, 2006


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Authors This Issue:

  Jennifer Chapman [JC], Diane Cremeens [DC], Tanya Jones [TJ],
  Steve Van Sickle [SVS].


In This issue:

* Cryopreservation Case
* Alcor Expands
* Financial Matters
* Tour Improvements
* 2006 Conference in Phoenix
* Media This Month
* Tax-Deductible Contributions
* Membership Statistics
* Florida Legal Case
* Next Board Meeting
* Employment Opportunities
* Alcor United


Matching Grant Goal Achieved

Due to the generous donations of over 80 individuals, 
we fully achieved our goal and now have $200,000 
for Whole Body Vitrification Research. Our sincere 
appreciation goes out to each of you and especially 
to Bina and Martine Rothblatt who matched each of your 
donations dollar-for-dollar.  52 individuals made 
private donations.  Public donations were 
made by these individuals:

* Steve Anderson
* Doug & Shirley Arends
* Howard Baetjer
* Kevin Brown
* Honor Bulkley
* James Clement
* Andrew Clifford
* Brian Climo
* Kat Cotter
* Daniel Crevier
* Bobby Ford
* Cornelius Freer
* Erik Hatfield
* Graham Hipkiss
* Mark	Kaminsky
* Terry Katz
* Eugene Kusmiak
* Larry Lee
* David Levine
* Thomas McKendree
* Thomas Meyer
* John	Munson
* Martin Olah
* Robert Revitz
* Dennis Ross
* Edward Thorp
* Andrea Van de Loo
* Charles Young

Thank you, again, for your contributions.  Watch Alcor News
for reports of our progress in this essential research.


* Cryopreservation Case

After an extended battle with malignant melanoma, 
member A-1356 suffered sudden cardiac arrest at her 
home in southern California, a little more than twelve 
hours before a scheduled air ambulance trip to 
Arizona and local hospice care. A single team member 
and equipment were on hand at the moment of arrest 
and an abbreviated emergency stabilization protocol 
was begun immediately. Two other team members 
arrived shortly thereafter to assist. Once partial 
meds and some initial cooling was done, the 
patient was transported to a local facility for the 
blood washout portion of the procedure. Because the 
cardiac arrest occurred 15 minutes after the Office 
of Vital Statistics closed, the team had to wait until 
the next morning to obtain the paperwork needed to 
transport the patient across state lines; but the 
patient was ready for the trip when clearance came.

Cryoprotection began shortly after the patient 
arrived at the Alcor facility, and the target 
concentrations were achieved before the procedure 
concluded. Some edema was observed, but this was 
not sufficient to halt the procedure. We saw good 
bilateral symmetry in the uptake of the 
cryoprotectant. Cooling proceeded in accordance 
with the whole-body protocol, and six fracture 
events were detected during the descent to liquid 
nitrogen temperature.

Though this case did not quite proceed in the manner 
we’d hoped (we preferred the patient to be in Arizona),
we ultimately achieved good results given the difficult 
circumstances. We continue to be pleased with the 
properties of the new cryoprotectant and with the 
response of regional team members in emergency situations.

Member A-1356 has become Alcor’s 73rd patient.


* Alcor Expands

Alcor signed a lease agreement for unit 105, the 
next in our row of bays in the building.   While this 
increases rent by about $20,000/year, it will completely
eliminate the need for more than $50,000 of 
planned construction.  Use of this new space will 
allow units 108 and 109 to be devoted exclusively to 
research activities. [SVS]


* Financial Matters

Activities in the accounting department continue to 
be closely monitored.  As a result of our increased 
financial oversight, we have discovered that a 
corporate credit card was stolen and fraudulent 
charges were made on it.  Since this was reported 
within the statutory time limits, we anticipate the 
credit card company will bear the loss.  This just 
illustrates the importance and effectiveness of the 
financial controls that were recently put in place.


* Tour Improvements

The first of several posters has been created for Alcor’s 
conference room and tour route to help explain various aspects
of cryonics and give our guests something colorful and 
interesting to read while visiting.  The first poster is about
"Cold in Nature" and includes examples of how various creatures
have sustained extreme cold. [JC]


* 2006 Conference in Phoenix

A conference is being planned by Alcor for October in Phoenix.  
Dates will be released with the next issue of Alcor News. [JC]


* Media This Month

An estimated 29,320 distinct computers visited 
Alcor’s website in January with definite spikes 
correlating with the Wall Street Journal and "Good 
Morning America" coverage.  Media participation this 
month includes:

* Wall Street Journal, US : A story was featured on 
the front page discussing various individuals who 
have set aside their assets for reanimation.

* Good Morning America, US : Alcor members David 
and Trudy Pizer were interviewed at Alcor.

* Ben Bradlee : This author is writing a biography of 
Ted Williams and visited our facility for a tour and 
interview with Tanya Jones, which was also attended 
by Cheryl Walsh.

* This Morning, UK : Alcor did not participate in this 
story but spoke with Alan Sinclair prior to his interview.

* Welt am Sonntag, Germany : Alcor personnel 
were interviewed, as were a few Alcor members.

* Belgium Public Television, Belgium : Alcor hosted a 
film crew for this documentary about various 
scientific initiatives around the world.

* Responded to inquiries from Live Science (online), 
Team Production (Israel), Kronen Zeitung (Austria). 

Many of the above articles are available online -


* Tax-Deductible Contributions

All members and contributors should have received 
their end-of-year contribution totals, including 
membership dues donations.  Contact Sheila Kimbrell 
) with questions. [JC]


* Membership Statistics

On January 31, 2006, Alcor had 788 members on its 
Emergency Responsibility List.  Two memberships 
were approved during this month, one memberships 
was reinstated, no memberships were cancelled and 
one member was cryopreserved.  We have an 
average net gain of 2.0 members per month in 2006.  
Alcor distributed 372 information packs this month. 


* Florida Legal Case

We have agreed to settle this case and are getting 
uncontested custody of the patient, the 
cryopreservation funding, and about 2/3 of our 
attorney fees. Sadly, it appears that the trust the 
member had established is completely broken, and 
the vast majority of the proceeds will be distributed 
to the daughters who were very nearly successful in 
having the member cremated before Alcor was even 
aware he was in trouble.  Quick action on the part of 
the member's trust attorney and Tanya Jones was 
the only thing that saved him.   

This should serve as a warning that such trusts are 
extremely fragile, and that it can be very dangerous 
to include wording that gives anyone 
financial incentive to interfere with a 
cryopreservation. [SVS]


* Next Board Meeting

The next Board meeting is scheduled for Saturday, 
March 4, 2006, at 11:00 AM (MST).

Board meetings are typically held on the first Saturday of
the month at the Alcor facility (7895 East Acoma Drive in
Scottsdale, AZ). Members and the public are encouraged to


* Employment Opportunities

Have you ever thought about joining the Alcor team? We have
opportunities for licensed Paramedics, Emergency Medical
Technicians, Registered Nurses, Lab Technicians and more to
join our nationwide Transport Team. Participation is on a
contractual basis.

You'll be given cryonics training enabling you to participate
in our patient rescue and transport cases.  Licensed professionals
do not have to be Alcor members to join our team.  We welcome
your expertise and interest. Send your resume to:


* Alcor United

Alcor members have a new forum where they can meet and chat
with other members. Get to know other cryonics supporters
in your area and around the world by visiting Alcor United


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