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                 Number 47: January 20, 2006


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                      Authors This Issue:

 Jennifer Chapman [JC], Diane Cremeens [DC], Tanya Jones
 [TJ], Sergey Sheleg [SSH], Steve Van Sickle [SVS], Website
 Working Group [WWG].


 In this issue:

 * $100,000 Matching Grant for Whole Body Vitrification
 * Cryopreservation Case
 * Research Update
 * Construction Progress
 * Financial Matters
 * Arizona CryoFeast
 * Media This Month
 * Membership Statistics
 * Legislative Update
 * Alcor United
 * Employment Opportunities
 * Next Board Meeting


                 $100,000 Matching Grant for
              Whole Body Vitrification Research

 Your donation today enables more research tomorrow. And the
 more research accomplished by Alcor scientist Sergey
 Sheleg, MD, PhD, the better our cryopreservation techniques
 will be in years to come.

 We need your help to reach the next level. In fact, we need
 the help of every one of our members to fully pursue whole
 body vitrification research.

 **Just a $100 contribution from you and each of our members
 would enable us to reach our goal.**

 Thus far more than 42% of our target has been raised. But
 time is running out. This matching grant is set to expire
 on January 31, 2006.

 Contact Alcor today with your pledge. Every dollar you send
 makes a difference. Thank you, everyone, for your
 continuing support.

 Pledge forms are available at this link:

 By Phone: 877-462-5267 ext. 101

 By Fax: 480-922-9027

 By Mail:
 Alcor Foundation
 7895 E. Acoma Drive, Suite 110
 Scottsdale, AZ  85260
 Attention: Fundraising Dept.


                   Cryopreservation Cases

 At 08:37 on January 19th, 2006, Alcor member A-1097 (who in
 his paperwork requested confidentiality) went into
 witnessed cardiac arrest at local hospice, after a six-day

 Cardiopulmonary support (CPS) consisting of manual
 compressions with the Ambu Cardiopump started at 08:39, as
 well as the administration of the first three medications.
 An endotracheal tube was placed at 08:40, along with a
 FAST1 sternal intraosseous access port. The ET tube was
 attached to a Surevent pressure-controlled ventilator on
 100% oxygen, a Res-Q-Pod respiratory impedance device, and
 the sensor of a CO2SMO Plus respiratory monitoring device.
 Covered with ice and an operating SQUID, the patient was
 moved out of the unit, and the LUCAS cardiac compression
 device was started while waiting for the elevator at 08:48.

 During the approximately 30-minute drive to Alcor, the
 remainder of the medications were given (with the exception
 of mannitol, which was discovered to have recrystalized the
 night before, and the crystals failed to dissolve in time).
 Immediately on arrival at Alcor, while the patient was
 still in the rescue cart and under uninterrupted thumper
 support, surgery was started to access the right carotid
 artery. A cannula was placed in the artery to infuse cold
 base perfusate, and cardiac compressions were discontinued,
 at 10:00 (83 minutes of support) at a measured
 nasopharyngeal temperature of 16.5C.

 Oxygen blood saturation during the entire CPS time varied
 between 60% and 80%, though it appears that CO2
 measurements were sporadic, possibly due to fogging of the
 sensor. When no advantage to the attempted extra cooling
 was noticed in 5 minutes, surgery began to place the
 remainder of the lines and carry out cephalic isolation.
 The patient (neuro) was placed in the cooling enclosure and
 washout was started at 10:36 (36 minutes cold ischemia), 6
 liters/minute 02 flowing through the oxygenator.

 The cryoprotective ramp started at 10:44, a gradual slope
 to 50% target concentration. This was reached at 12:38, and
 the ramp accelerated to approximately 105% target
 concentration. Oxygenation was continued throughout the
 cryoprotective perfusion. After equilibrating for about 1
 hour, the perfusion ended at 14:30 slightly above target
 concentration. The differences between left jugular, right
 jugular, and arterial concentrations were too small to
 measure, indicating very effective equilibration and
 uniform perfusion. At 14:38, rapid deep cooling of the
 patient started, 6 hours and 1 minute after cardiac arrest.

 Alcor now has 72 patients cryopreserved.[TJ]


                       Research Update

 The LESA fiber optic spectrofluorometer was assembled,
 software installed, and the whole system tested. It will be
 used to monitor cerebral metabolism and perfusion.

 Dr. Sheleg has started work on the paper "Post-arrest
 autolysis of cortical neurons" based on research data from
 the research project "Dynamics of hypoxic brain damage
 after normothermic cardiac arrest" and is designing a new
 protocol for real-time measurement of tissue viability
 using the LESA spectrofluorometer. [SVS, SSH]


                    Construction Progress

 We have received and installed our new liquid nitrogen bulk
 tank. This pressure tank has been tested but is not yet
 ready to fully deploy. Hugh Hixon and a service technician
 from our current liquid nitrogen supplier evaluated the
 unit and have requested a replacement valve, which will be
 installed and tested prior to performing a boiloff test of
 the tank. [TJ]


                     Financial Matters

 Major efforts were undertaken in the final months of 2005
 to get all of our internal billing completely reconciled
 before the end of the year. Through sheer determination we
 ended the year on an extremely high note: All lines of
 credit are completely paid off, all outstanding bills are
 paid in full, and a 2006 budget has been created with
 oversight by the Board of Directors. 2006 starts with a
 completely clean slate and these professionally recommended
 accounting controls in place:

   * Our administrative assistant opens all incoming mail
 and keeps a log of all incoming funds for review by the
 Executive Director and COO.

   * All incoming bank and credit card statements are sent
 directly to the Executive Director for review before going
 to the bookkeeper.

   * A third party makes the deposits prepared by the

   * All outgoing checks and relevant invoices are reviewed
 by both the COO and the Executive Director before

   * A third party mails all outgoing checks.

   * All blank checks are kept locked in a separate room
 from the bookkeeper and are issued only as needed, and all
 voided checks are accounted for.

   * Spot checks of accounting activities are routinely
 conducted by the COO, Treasurer, and Chairman of the Board.

   * An employee honesty insurance policy is in place.

   * The COO directs the bookkeeper about bill payment

 We are pleased that Sheila Kimbrell, our part time
 bookkeeper, has decided to stay on with the organization,
 despite the demand that the tax season will have on her
 accounting firm.

 In last month's financial report we referred to "case
 billing". This is not an external billing. There are no
 outstanding receivables for any case, nor have any such
 receivables been written off. What we are referring to is
 an internal process by which each case is billed to
 different internal accounts. This covers consumables,
 labor, and usage charges for equipment. By doing this, we
 are now able to accurately determine the cost of every
 case. Additionally, usage charges will be placed in a
 sinking fund that will allow us to repair or replace
 equipment as it is damaged, worn out, or becomes obsolete.


                     Arizona CryoFeast

 Alcor members and anyone interested in learning more about
 Alcor and cryonic suspension are invited to attend the
 Arizona CryoFeast on Saturday, January 28th in Scottsdale.
 Join us for an afternoon buffet at the home of Alcor
 members David & Trudy Pizer (3:00-7:00pm). There will be
 plenty of good food and conversation. Visit this link to
 RSVP: http://www.alcor.org/Contact/index.html [JC]


                      Media This Month

 An estimated 23,800 distinct computers visited Alcor's
 website in October. Media participation this month

   * ZDF, German public TV, was sent B-roll footage for a
 program dealing with aspects of how biological tissue
 reacts to preservation efforts.

   * Inquiries were received from Shanghai Morning Post, a
 Swedish filmmaker, and Craftsmen International Design
 regarding an exhibition for the National Natural Science
 Museum in Taiwan.

   * An open letter signed by over 60 scientists and
 physicians endorsing the scientific basis of cryonics has
 been made public and can be found at:

   * As always, a real-time list of new things on our
 website is available at: http://www.alcor.org/whatsnew.html
 [JC, WWG].


                    Membership Statistics

 Approvals: 7
 Members: 786
 Applicants: 66

 On December 31, 2005, Alcor had 786 members on its
 Emergency Responsibility List. Seven memberships were
 approved during December, no memberships were reinstated,
 one membership was cancelled, and no members were
 cryopreserved. Overall, there was a net gain of six members
 this month.

 We had an average net gain of 6.1 members per month in
 2005. Overall, Alcor achieved a net gain of 10% for the

 Alcor distributed 161 information packs this month. [DC]


                      Legislative Update

 Alcor's lobbyist Barry Aarons met key members of the
 legislature Sen. Carolyn Allen, Sen. Barbara Leff, Rep. Bob
 Stump, and Rep. Linda Lopez. Regarding the issue of
 regulation, he saw no need for Alcor to pursue additional
 regulations. He recommends that we just keep doing what we
 are doing. Barry also suggested individual members and
 friends of Alcor consider donating to local candidates.


                         Alcor United

 Alcor members have a new forum where they can meet and chat
 with other members. Get to know other cryonics supporters
 in your area and around the world by visiting Alcor United:



                   Employment Opportunities

 Have you ever thought about joining the Alcor team? We have
 immediate needs for licensed Paramedics, Emergency Medical
 Technicians, Registered Nurses, Lab Technicians and more to
 join our nationwide Transport Team. Participation would be
 on a contractual basis.

 You'll be given cryonics training that will enable you to
 participate in our patient rescue and transport cases.
 Licensed professionals do not have to be Alcor members to
 work with us. We welcome your expertise and interest. If
 you're interested, send your resume to:


                     Next Board Meeting

 The next Board meeting is scheduled for Saturday, February
 4, 2006, at 11:00 AM (MST).

 Board meetings are typically held on the first Saturday of
 the month at the Alcor facility (7895 East Acoma Drive in
 Scottsdale, AZ). Members and the public are encouraged to


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