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                  Number 41: August 15, 2005


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                     Authors This Issue:

 Jennifer Chapman [JC], Diane Cremeens [DC], Tanya Jones
 [TJ], Steve Van Sickle [SVS], Joe Waynick [JW].


 In this issue:

 *   Facility Upgrade Project
 *   New Cryoprotectant Implementation
 *   Research and Development Proposals
 *   Readiness Drills
 *   Regional CryoFeasts
 *   Promotional DVD
 *   Media Update
 *   Personnel Update
 *   Fundraising Efforts
 *   Membership Statistics
 *   Employment Opportunities
 *   You Can Help!
 *   Next Board Meeting


                  Facility Upgrade Project

 Rapid progress continues to be made with the facility
 expansion. The metal security sheeting for the common wall
 between the Patient Care Bay and a neighboring rental unit
 has been installed and dry-walled. The concrete footing for
 the bulk fill tank has been poured and most of the air
 conditioning system has been installed. A new door has been
 cut between the workshop area and the preparation room
 access space. In the new operating room and hallway, the
 scrub sink area, storage room, and ADA-compliant restroom
 have been framed. The shower fixture is in place and

 One of the challenges with the project has been the heavy
 rains we've experienced the past week or two. With the
 installation of the air-conditioning system, there was
 leakage around the unit where it penetrated the roof. This
 required recalling the roofing and air conditioning
 contractors to expedite the necessary roof repairs.

 We also submitted several change-work orders to the
 contractors when Hugh Hixon discovered a better location
 for the roof hatch and spiral staircase for patient
 transfers. Hugh also made sure the contractors understood
 the armor specifications for the plating to be used to seal
 off the roll-up door and exterior standard-access door.

 We seem to be on schedule for 90 percent completion of the
 project by the third week of August. [JW]


              New Cryoprotectant Implementation

 All components for one whole-body M22 perfusion are in
 house, solid components are weighed out, and we will have
 120 liters of pre-mixed concentrate by the middle of this
 week. [SVS]


              Research and Development Proposals

 Two research and development proposals have been presented
 to the R&D committee and are under their consideration. The
 first is a proposal for continuing Intermediate Temperature
 Storage Neuropod testing, in particular data-collection
 equipment needed for long-term use. The second is a
 proposal for studying annealing in cryoprotectant mixtures.


                       Readiness Drills

 Readiness drills for transport and cryopreservation teams
 are in development. These drills will be developed, tested
 and refined, until we are capable of evaluating the
 readiness in all areas of technical operations.

 For this first month's readiness drill, I selected a city
 at the far edge of our new transport vehicle's deployment
 range (San Antonio, Texas) as our transport team
 "destination." All four Regional Coordinators were
 contacted (southern and northern California, Florida,
 Nevada) and told they needed to provide team members,
 flight times, and a bulk count of their remote kits.

 Performance items tracked included:

 * Time to get the coordinator on the phone. All of the
 Coordinators were immediately reachable with the first
 phone call.

 * Time to confirm team members. An average of 7.5 minutes
 was required to confirm team member availability, with the
 range being 3-13 minutes. A total of seven team members
 were immediately deployable, not counting the Alcor staff.

 * Time to complete the bulk count of the kit, and whether
 all kits were available. All kits were available in the
 three regions where a count was provided; the time to kit
 count varied widely. In two cases (southern California and
 Nevada), the coordinator was able to confirm the equipment
 readiness in 5 and 22 minutes, respectively. In northern
 California, the count took 196 minutes, because the
 Coordinator was at work and knew this was a drill. The
 Florida Coordinator did not provide a count.

 * Time to arrange travel. Simulated flight information was
 readily available, given our access to online schedules and
 booking. Average time to flight "purchase" was 5.25 minutes
 (range 2-9 minutes).

 * Time to reach patient. This was perhaps the most
 interesting element in the drill. Because the time chosen
 for the drill was near the close of business, there were
 few flights available for anyone heading to San Antonio.
 The average arrival time required 16.9 hours, with the
 range being 14.5-18.5 hours.

 Airlines are and will continue to be a major factor in
 patient care, both for applying stabilization procedures in
 a timely fashion and for delivering patients to Alcor for
 cryoprotection. This test highlights once more that we need
 a broader network of team members to handle cases that come
 up with little or no advance notice. [TJ]


                     Regional CryoFeasts

 Do you know who your fellow Alcor members are in your neck
 of the woods? Come out and meet and greet nearby Alcor
 members at one of our officially sponsored CryoFeast
 gatherings! We've learned that referrals from existing
 Alcor members account for about 38 percent of Alcor's
 growth, so we plan to ask each member attending the event
 to bring a non-member guest. Any member who brings a guest
 who submits an application will be given a free quarter of
 membership dues. Everyone attending will receive a
 complimentary gift from Alcor. Joe Waynick and/or Tanya
 Jones will attend each gathering to do presentations and
 support the organization's outreach efforts. You'll have a
 great time so be sure to watch for upcoming announcements
 for dates, times, and locations -- and don't forget to
 bring a friend!

 Save the date:

 Northern California: August 28th
 Florida: September 17th
 Southern California: September 25th

 Jennifer Chapman,
 Marketing Director
 (877)462-5267 or (480)905-1906 ext. 113


                        Promotional DVD

 All member households were sent a copy of Alcor's new 30-
 minute, high definition documentary. Additional
 complimentary copies are available for your family and
 friends. Have them send their requests for additional
 copies of the documentary to: If you
 want to send us your comments about the DVD you can send
 them to the same email address. Alcor thanks Joe Waynick,
 Tanya Jones, WalshCOMM, and all of the individuals who
 agreed to be interviewed for the documentary. We think it
 will be a wonderful promotional tool for Alcor and
 cryonics. [JC]


                        Media Update

 In July, Alcor participated in the following media events:

 * St. Petersburg Times:  This article will feature Alcor
 members in the Florida area and around the world.

 * Teen America: This documentary about teens, including
 teen members of Alcor, will air in the UK. Joe Waynick gave
 the teens a guided tour of the facility.

 * Miami Herald:  This article is believed to be the initial
 source of the recent media blitz about Suspended Animation.

 * Chicago Tribune:  This article will feature Alcor members
 around the world. The reporter became interested in writing
 the article because of the recent media blitz about the
 opening of Suspended Animation's new facility. [JC]


                       Personnel Update

 It is with deep regret that we inform you that Mathew
 Sullivan has resigned his position as Suspension Readiness
 Coordinator at Alcor, effective September 1. Mathew has
 been a loyal and dedicated employee for nine years and we
 all wish him much success and happiness in his future
 endeavors. He wishes the best for the members, employees,
 and patients of the organization.

 Alcor has hired Sergey Sheleg, MD, PhD to head our research
 department. Dr. Sheleg will be working on a variety of
 projects in support of our efforts to improve our field
 capabilities as well as our cryoprotection procedures.

 We also extend our congratulations to Bill Voice, Alcor's
 Transport Coordinator, for passing his National Paramedic
 Registry exams. Good job! [JW]


                     Fundraising Efforts

 To date we have received $43,000 in pledges toward our $1
 million goal. That's an increase of $10,500 since last
 month. More emphasis will be consistently placed on
 fundraising in the coming months.

 In your current issue of Cryonics magazine you'll find a
 pledge form for making donations to the Endowment Fund. You
 can help Alcor by pledging towards our goal. Fill out the
 form and fax it to Alcor TODAY and help fund some of the
 most important research on the planet. [JW]


                   Membership Statistics

 On July 31, 2005, Alcor had 763 members on its Emergency
 Responsibility List. Eight memberships were approved during
 this month, zero memberships were reinstated, two
 memberships were cancelled and no members were
 cryopreserved. We have an average net gain of 7.1 members
 per month, which compares favorably to the average net gain
 of 4.3 members per month last year.

 At the end of this month, Alcor had 71 applicants for
 membership. There was a net loss of seven applicants with
 eight membership approvals, four incoming applicants, and
 three people withdrawing from the application process.

 During the month of July, 116 information packs were
 distributed. Of those, 99 were mailed, and 17 were handed
 to facility tour participants. Our average for 2005 has
 grown to 105 per month, compared to 50 in 2004. We also had
 748 subscribers to Alcor News, as of the July issue release
 date. [DC]


                   Employment Opportunities

 Have you ever thought about joining the Alcor team? We have
 immediate needs for licensed Paramedics, Emergency Medical
 Technicians, Registered Nurses, Lab Technicians and more to
 join our nationwide Transport Team. Participation would be
 on a contractual basis.

 You'll be given cryonics training that will enable you to
 participate in our patient rescue and transport cases.
 Licensed professionals do not have to be Alcor members to
 work with us. We welcome your expertise and interest. If
 you're interested, send your resume to:


                      You Can Help!

 Alcor's research and development does not have the benefit
 of large government grants, private foundations, or a huge
 fundraising organization to raise the millions of dollars
 necessary to develop much-needed technology and protocol
 enhancements. What we do have are loyal, dedicated members
 like you who have a personal interest in the success of

 Alcor has a long and proud tradition of innovation and
 technical excellence in the field of cryonics. This will
 continue to be our overriding mission in the years ahead.
 Yet, the organization is only as great as its people,
 starting with its supporters. Membership dues and
 cryopreservation cases cover just 60% of our annual budget.
 The remainder must come from generous individuals within
 our small community.

 You can help achieve that success with your tax-deductible
 contribution to the Alcor Life Extension Foundation. We
 have many projects that would benefit from your generosity.
 You can also make a credit card donation TODAY by calling
 Alcor at (877)462-5267 ext. 101. Or you can mail your check
 to: Alcor Life Extension Foundation, 7895 E. Acoma Drive,
 Suite 110, Scottsdale, AZ 85260.

 Your generous gift will help create a more secure Alcor, so
 we can be there for your future, as well as the future of
 your friends and family who also belong to our small
 community of cryonicists. [JW]


                      Next Board Meeting

 The next Board meeting is scheduled for Saturday, September
 10, 2005 at 11:00 AM (MST).

 Board meetings are typically held on the first Saturday of
 the month at the Alcor facility (7895 East Acoma Drive in
 Scottsdale, AZ). Members and the public are encouraged to


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