Alcor News Bulletin
                    Number 40: July 22, 2005


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                      Authors This Issue:

 Jennifer Chapman [JC], Diane Cremeens [DC], Tanya Jones
 [TJ], Joe Waynick [JW].


 In this issue:

 *   Facility Upgrade Project
 *   New Cryoprotectant Implementation
 *   Transport Vehicle Development
 *   Regional Cryofeasts
 *   Regulatory Update
 *   Media and Advertising Update
 *   Personnel Update
 *   Database Enhancements
 *   Fundraising Efforts
 *   Membership Statistics
 *   Employment Opportunities
 *   You Can Help!
 *   Next Board Meeting


                  Facility Upgrade Project

 Demolition for the Facility Expansion Project has shown
 considerable progress. Most walls that need to be moved
 have been torn down, doorways have been stripped or re-cut,
 framing for the new armor plating is done, one new air
 conditioning unit has been installed and ductwork is being

 Overall, the project is gaining momentum. Workers are on
 site almost daily at this point. Obtaining the final
 construction permit was unexpectedly delayed until July 7th
 due to additional safety requirements from the zoning
 office for handling liquid nitrogen. Now we finally have
 all of the permits necessary to complete the project. The
 45-day buildout will officially take us to the third week
 of August.

 Making predictions for completing construction projects is
 more guesswork than science. Even when we think things are
 set to go something unexpected can always upset the apple
 cart (like the city getting nervous about the amount of
 liquid nitrogen we store). However, our new air
 conditioning units have been installed and most of the
 ductwork is done. Plumbing for the new scrub room and ADA-
 compliant restroom is completed. Almost all demolition work
 is done. Things are beginning to move along quite nicely.


              New Cryoprotectant Implementation

 The perfusion circuit has been constructed and is awaiting
 sterilization. We'll have two sterile circuits, but we
 won't be building more until we have fully tested the
 design in an operational setting. Once it's been field-
 tested, we'll complete enough circuits to meet the
 inventory requirements for readiness.

 Hugh Hixon and Steve Van Sickle completed an extensive
 spreadsheet on the components needed to meet our readiness
 needs; and it was decided to prepare for a slightly
 expanded inventory, because of the lead time necessary for
 the custom synthesis of one of the components. We will be
 prepared for four whole-body cases and five neuros once we
 have the authorization to make purchases. [TJ]


                 Transport Vehicle Development

 Since the last report, a great deal of work has been done
 toward completing the transport vehicle. The electrical
 system is installed and is fully functional. We've tested
 the generator, inverter and batteries; and everything works
 as planned. We've acquired and installed all of the safety
 equipment mounts for the personal protective equipment,
 including sharps containers, biohazardous and regular waste
 containers, eyewear and glove boxes, respirator dispenser,
 a fire alarm and carbon monoxide detector. To the sink, we
 added an eyewash station. Two fire extinguishers have been
 mounted in the back of the vehicle, and an HEPA/UV air
 filter has been mounted in the ceiling, as has our surgical
 light. Our centrifuge has arrived, and Diane Creemens made
 the privacy curtain for the cab. We have an external hose
 port for the water supply and plugs for connecting to
 external power.

 If we had to use it today, we'd need about three hours to
 prepare the vehicle for deployment, because none of the
 stabilization supplies have been ordered; but the vehicle
 could be used almost immediately nonetheless. All elements
 of the original project plan have been completed, with the
 exception of building a center mount for performing surgery
 on patients in the MRC and completing the necessary
 paperwork. We need to finish assembling the binder of
 manuals for the equipment, develop a regular maintenance
 schedule, build a lockout/tagout program (an OSHA
 requirement), and develop the inventory of what we intend
 to maintain in the vehicle immediately (with an eye to
 expansion when the vehicle will be parked inside). We'll
 also be building a padded headrest to protect team members
 traveling in the back of the vehicle with a patient,
 because the seat frame we constructed is tall. This was a
 necessary part of securely mounting the frame to the studs
 in the walls, and was not something we could avoid.

 As the plan has been executed, we had a few surprises; but
 these were not significant, and there was little deviation
 from the original design. We have spent slightly more than
 the budget, but expect to be within 3% of the allocated
 amount when everything is complete. [TJ]


                     Regional Cryofeasts

 Do you know who your fellow Alcor members are in your neck
 of the woods? Come out and meet and greet nearby Alcor
 members at one of our officially sponsored CryoFeast
 gatherings! We've learned that referrals from existing
 Alcor members account for about 38 percent of Alcor's
 growth, so we plan to ask each member attending the event
 to bring a non-member guest. Any member who brings a guest
 who submits an application will be given a free quarter of
 membership dues. Everyone attending will receive a
 complementary gift from Alcor. Joe Waynick and/or Tanya
 Jones will attend each gathering to do presentations and
 support the organization's outreach efforts. You'll have a
 great time so be sure to watch for upcoming announcements
 for dates, times, and locations - and don't forget to bring
 a friend! [JC]


                      Regulatory Update

 Since we've been doing significant development in both the
 construction project and in the transport vehicle, I
 invited Alcor's neighborhood OSHA consultant (on-staff with
 ADP) to visit, in an attempt to anticipate any safety
 hazards that might have been overlooked in our planning
 processes. The ADP representative was pleased with the
 development that has already been done on our OSHA policies
 and documentation, and perhaps her most significant
 recommendation was that we implement formal testing in our
 transport training. This will be done, beginning with our
 two August training classes (Florida and northern

 I've also looked into HIPAA compliance this past month,
 though it is by no means required for a research
 organization. It is my hope that if we can assure hospitals
 and medical administrations that we are HIPAA-compliant,
 this will smooth our access to medical information in an
 emergency. In an attempt to determine how close we are to
 being compliant, I contacted Silkthread Information
 Assurance, LLC (http://www.silkthreadllc.com) for a

 After spending some time on the phone with them completing
 a survey about the state of our policies and procedures for
 protecting private member information, they provided a
 report on what gaps exist in our policies. We have some
 gaps in risk assessment and compliance; but the evaluation
 was deemed "above average" compared to the other companies
 that contact them for assistance. I hope to work with this
 company in the coming months to implement a comprehensive
 information security solution, one that will satisfy
 medical personnel that we are protecting information well
 enough to allay their fears during an emergency. [TJ]


                Media and Advertising Update

 In June, Alcor participated in the following media events:

 * CBC/Newsworld Today, aired live in Canada: This was a
 live interview with Simon Smith, Editor-in Chief of
 Betterhumans. We provided the CBC with B-roll footage and
 advised Simon of the main points to discuss pertaining to
 cryonics. The CBC chose to interview Simon for their week-
 long "Staying Alive" series because he is a transhumanist
 residing in Canada

 * TalkSport Radio, aired live in the UK and worldwide via
 the Internet: This was a live interview with Joe Waynick
 for a show called "The Unexplained with Howard Hughes"
 which is an Art Bell-style program.

 On our advertising efforts:

 * We are seeking a new graphic designer for the ad for Life
 Extension Foundation magazine.

 * The article for The Director has been placed on hold
 until a later issue.

 * We are in negotiations with the editors of Betterhumans
 website (www.Betterhumans.com) regarding an exchange of
 website ads. The Betterhumans website is dedicated to
 helping people understand and create a better future by
 establishing a community of informed forward thinkers. The
 site runs regular articles about anti-aging, longevity,
 genetics, transhumanism, and a host of other topics
 pertaining to life extension. They are actively seeking to
 establish reciprocal advertising partnerships with like-
 minded companies, such as A4M, Life Enhancement Products,
 Singularity Institute, and Longevity Meme, among others.
 They want to include Alcor in this campaign. An advertising
 exchange will drive targeted traffic to our website. We are
 working with the Website Working Group on this.

 * In addition to ads via Google, Alcor now has a variety of
 ads that appear when certain keywords are entered using a
 number of search engines, such as Yahoo, MSN, CNN,
 InfoSpace, AltaVista, and Excite.

 * Alcor has also received written permission to distribute
 reprints of the New York Academy of Sciences paper as
 authored by Dr. Jerry Lemler, Dr. Steve Harris, Charles
 Platt and Todd Huffman. Reprints will be included in the
 info pack and on the website. [JC]


                       Personnel Update

 I'm happy to report that we have brought a new bookkeeper
 aboard. Her name is Aleetha Castro, and she has done an
 amazing job of getting familiar with our books after Tim
 Reeves left. Aleetha has a very strong accounting
 background and she's quite proficient with our QuickBooks
 software program.

 The Board of Directors voted at the July meeting to approve
 the hiring of Aleetha and also D'Bora Tarrant, as permanent
 employees. Welcome aboard! [JW]


                    Database Enhancements

 Several significant enhancements have been implemented that
 will improve the accuracy and integrity of our central
 database. First, an interface was created with Alcor's
 website to allow data entered into an online form for info
 pack and tour requests to be downloaded daily directly into
 our database. In addition, mailing labels for the info pack
 requests are now automatically generated on a weekly basis.
 Finally, a duplicate record routine was created to purge
 existing duplicated records from the database. [JW]


                     Fundraising Efforts

 To date we have received $32,500 in pledges toward our $1
 million goal. That's an increase of $22,500 since last
 month. More emphasis will be consistently placed on
 fundraising in the coming months.

 In the May/June issue of Cryonics magazine you'll find a
 pledge form for making donations to the Endowment Fund. You
 can help Alcor by pledging towards our goal. Fill out the
 form and fax it to Alcor TODAY and help fund some of the
 most important research on the planet. [JW]


                   Membership Statistics

 On June 30, 2005, Alcor had 757 members on its Emergency
 Responsibility List. Seven memberships were approved during
 this month, no memberships were cancelled, none were
 reinstated, and no members were cryopreserved. Overall,
 there was a net gain of seven members this month. We have
 an average net gain of 7.3 members per month, which
 compares favorably to the average net gain of 4.3 members
 per month last year.

 At the end of this month, Alcor had 78 applicants for
 membership. There was a net loss of four applicants with
 seven membership approvals, five incoming applicants, and
 two people withdrawing from the application process.

 During the month of June, 133 information packs were
 distributed. Of those, 122 were mailed, and 11 were handed
 to facility tour participants. Our average for 2005 has
 grown to 101 per month, compared to 50 in 2004. We also had
 708 subscribers to Alcor News, as of the June issue release
 date. [DC]


                   Employment Opportunities

 Have you ever thought about joining the Alcor team? We have
 immediate needs for licensed Paramedics, Emergency Medical
 Technicians, Registered Nurses, Lab Technicians and more to
 join our nationwide Transport Team. Participation would be
 on a contractual basis.

 You'll be given cryonics training that will enable you to
 participate in our patient rescue and transport cases.
 Licensed professionals do not have to be Alcor members to
 work with us. We welcome your expertise and interest. If
 you're interested, send your resume to:


                      You Can Help!

 Alcor's research and development does not have the benefit
 of large government grants, private foundations, or a huge
 fundraising organization to raise the millions of dollars
 necessary to develop much-needed technology and protocol
 enhancements. What we do have are loyal, dedicated members
 like you who have a personal interest in the success of

 Alcor has a long and proud tradition of innovation and
 technical excellence in the field of cryonics. This will
 continue to be our overriding mission in the years ahead.
 Yet, the organization is only as great as its people,
 starting with its supporters. Membership dues and
 cryopreservation cases cover just 60% of our annual budget.
 The remainder must come from generous individuals within
 our small community.

 You can help achieve that success with your tax-deductible
 contribution to the Alcor Life Extension Foundation. We
 have many projects that would benefit from your generosity.
 You can also make a credit card donation TODAY by calling
 Alcor at (877)462-5267 ext. 101. Or you can mail your check
 to: Alcor Life Extension Foundation, 7895 E. Acoma Drive,
 Suite 110, Scottsdale, AZ 85260.

 Your generous gift will help create a more secure Alcor, so
 we can be there for your future, as well as the future of
 your friends and family who also belong to our small
 community of cryonicists. [JW]


                      Next Board Meeting

 The next Board meeting is scheduled for Saturday, August 6,
 2004 at 11:00 AM (MST).

 Board meetings are typically held on the first Saturday of
 the month at the Alcor facility (7895 East Acoma Drive in
 Scottsdale, AZ). Members and the public are encouraged to


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