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                 Number 33: December 10, 2004


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                     Authors This Issue:

Jennifer Chapman [JC], Tanya Jones [TJ], Tim Reeves [TR],
Mathew Sullivan [MS], Joe Waynick [JW].


In this issue

*       Judgment in the Williams Case
*       On Neuro-Vitrification with Whole-Body Cryoprotection
*       Southern California Vehicle Vandalized
*       Readiness Improvements
*       Financial Matters
*       Save the Dates: 2005 Conference Scheduled
*       Public Relations
*       Personnel Notes
*       Membership Statistics
*       Next Board Meeting


                Judgment in the Williams Case

The court has finally issued a final judgment in the TW
matter as it pertains to the rights of the nephews to
examine the document of gift.

Upon the issuance of the August 31st minute entry
establishing the right of the nephews to "examine and copy"
the document of gift, Alcor filed for a final judgment in
early September that granted the nephews everything they
sought. Our form of judgment explicitly followed the judge's
minute entry without deviation. However, the opposition
objected to the form of judgment on four points:

*       They demanded attorney's fees and expenses that had
the potential to run into many thousands of dollars;
*       They demanded filing fees and incidental expenses;
*       They wanted to expand the judges minute entry to
include ordering Alcor from "further violations of the
Arizona Anatomical Gift Act" ever again, which implied an
admission of guilt in having violated the act in the first
place, and it required us to anticipate future litigation
without limit, in a very murky area of law; and
*       They demanded that we provide them with the "original"
note signed by Ted Williams.

Alcor subsequently filed its own objection to the four
points above on the grounds that they were not legally
entitled to attorneys fees, that extending the scope of the
August 31st minute entry order was not appropriate, and that
their remedy to "examine and copy" the document of gift
should be limited to the documentation we actually have in
our possession.

Readers should note that every single objection raised by
the opposition to our original filing for final judgment in
early September in response to the August 31st minute entry
was DENIED by the court except one. As a result of the
unnecessary delays they created, they were in fact awarded
the princely sum of $284.20 for their troubles.
For the record The August 31st minute entry was NOT an order
to compel Alcor to deliver any documents whatsoever and the
false statements made by these same nameless posters on the
internet that Alcor has ignored or violated a court order is
simply WRONG.

While we consider this judgment a significant victory, Alcor
reserves the right to exhaust our legal remedies in this
case and we will review the order with legal counsel to
determine if further legal action is required prior to the
December 30th deadline.

This judgment puts the TW affair to rest for now. However,
that does not mean to say that John Heer will not try to
come back with another attack. [JW]


    On Neuro-Vitrification with Whole-Body Cryoprotection

A full-scale model of the whole-body cryoprotection
enclosure has been built, and the acrylic prototype is being
constructed by the same person who built the cephalon
enclosure. Testing was carried out on the original design,
and worked as planned in nearly all respects. Cooling
efficiencies were significantly better than expected in this
plywood model, and the enclosure was able to maintain the
environment at dry ice temperature (-79 degrees C).

The enclosure itself consists of two primary elements:
containment boxes for the patient and for the mechanical
systems. Each part will be separately cooled, and both the
patient and the perfusate mixing reservoir will be
maintained at optimal perfusion temperatures (per the
current protocols). A pass-through system allows the tubing
to go between the pumps, reservoirs and patients. The
patient enclosure itself was designed to open in sections,
to facilitate the various aspects of surgery.

The only part of the original design that did not function
as intended was a "spillway" between the patient and the
mechanical section. It was hoped that this spillway would
eliminate the need to cool the two boxes separately, as the
nitrogen vapor used to cool the patient would fall over into
the mechanical system. Thermal testing indicated that not
only were perfusion temperatures not maintained, they were
sufficiently high in the mechanical section to warrant a
separate controller. The design was subsequently modified
prior to releasing the drawings for acrylic construction.


            Southern California Vehicle Vandalized

Earlier this week, I received a call from one of the
southern California Coordinators. She informed me that while
she was away for the weekend, the southern California
transport vehicle was broken into and nearly everything
inside was stolen.

Left behind were the ice bath and ice chests. Things taken
include the meds kit (not including the actual med pack,
which was stored inside in a refrigerator) and the meds
support kit. Additional ancillary items are also missing,
things like the body bag, plastic bags for ice, buckets and
ice scoop. Fortunately, the ATP and ATP support kit were
also stored inside and are safe.

A police report has been filed, and we will be provided a

An estimate will be obtained on the repair of the door. It
was heavily damaged in the break-in, and the repairs needed
may be extensive.

Southern California was stocked with nearly two full kits;
and we believe that there are enough components on hand to
perform a transport, if needed, though they would now have
to rent a van in case of emergency. A detailed inventory of
what remains is being prepared, and we will replenish any
essential missing elements immediately on receipt of the

Alternative storage locations for this vehicle are now being
considered. [TJ]


                   Readiness Improvements

As a result of a lack of cryoprotections done in the two
recent straight-frozen cases, where only a limited amount of
supplies were used, the operating room received something of
a shakedown to ensure a higher state of readiness.

Our computer monitoring system has been fully integrated
with the perfusion circuit and is ready to be used on the
next case with the caveat that we will be using a couple of
new National Instrument PCI boards and a new refractometer.
There could be some calibration issues associated with the
new hardware, though this is a minor issue since it is not
used as an official reading, but is used for trending.  The
handheld refractometer is used to establish the official

Our surgical trays have been improved with the purchase of
two 12" Satterlee bone saws, and three 11" (16 oz. head)
Miltex Mallets.  These purchases standardize our surgical
trays, and everything on our trays is medical grade.

Our Promit/Dextran shortage is finally resolved now that we
can order Hetastarch through another existing supplier we
regularly make purchases from. It is 35% cheaper than the
two meds it is replacing. An old portable ice bath/spray
cooling device (PIB/SCD) that came back from Laughlin was
upgraded to the newer format and reintegrated into our
existing stock of remote kits. The UK ATP pump has been
repaired and is being returned.  Our team members will then
test it to ensure it is in good working order.

With direction and support from Joe Waynick the
cryoprotection budget (cost spreadsheet associated with
performing a cryopreservation) has been upgraded to include
a checkbox field that allows those reviewing a case to mark
which line items have been used, followed by an auto
calculation field to summarize the costs for any given case.
Line items that are virtually guaranteed to be used have
already been checked to help expedite the accounting process
at the completion of each cryoprotection.  Also, the
calculations performed in other fields were improved to
reduce the time for future maintenance.  And finally, an SOP
was created to provide instruction in use of the
spreadsheets. [MS]


                      Financial Matters

Our entire chart of accounts was revamped and simplified
during the month of November.  Previously, all accounts for
the various funds were separated by using the numbered
extensions for general operations, clinical, lab, patient
care, etc.  We eliminated this method, and combined all of
the various expenses into a single account, with no
extension, breaking out the separate funds by column.  This
change, which is most noticeable on the Statement of
Earnings, has shortened the report from 20+ pages to 14.  By
separating out each of the funds expenses by "class", the
new Statement of Earnings is much easier to read, with all
expenses for a specific account showing on one line for all
the funds, rather than having to be read between multiple
pages for comparison.

In addition, the new Budget Variance report gives
information for the previous month, as well as year to date
info. (Budget variance is information that Alcor has never
tracked electronically. Previously, if someone wanted to
know how well income and expenditures were meeting budgetary
expectations, the calculations were done by hand.)

The 2003 Annual Tax Returns were finally completed by our
accountant on Nov. 15th.  We are still awaiting the Final
Draft of the 2003 Financial Statements.  I plan to have
these available, hopefully in PDF format, by the next board
meeting.  I am quite confident that our 2004 Financials will
be ready to send to our accountant no later than January
15th, and expect that we should have no problem completing
our Annual Return on time: by March 15th, 2005 or shortly
thereafter. [TR]


         Save the Dates: 2005 Conference Scheduled

It has been decided that Alcor will host its 2005 conference
at the Arizona Science Center during the weekend of August
12th-15th, 2005. Over the coming weeks we will be finalizing
the speakers list and preparing for our publicity campaign
to the membership and public. The 2005 conference will be
covered by the local media and possibly by the national
media. Attendees will have the opportunity to tour the Alcor
facility on Friday, August 12, before the conference
formally begins. We will also announce the winners of our
first annual Scientific Achievement Awards at the
conference. [JW]


                      Public Relations

Alcor has given the green light for creating a high-quality
documentary about cryonics. The documentary is being filmed
in HDTV by a professional film crew and it is being produced
by Debra Johnson, a professional producer with many years of
experience in the television industry. This film will take a
scientific approach to the subject of cryonics and it will
contain many interviews with leading scientists throughout
the industry. It will also contain member interviews and
footage of the Alcor facility. The finished product will be
made available to members to use as a recruiting tool. It
will also be used on selected broadcast media stations to
publicize Alcor and the field of cryonics. [JW]


                      Personnel Notes

Diane Cremeens was added to the staff as a permanent
employee this past month. Diane has been assisting Jennifer
Chapman in the membership department and has been doing a
stellar job. Her enthusiasm and determination are making a
real difference in our growth rate, and we look forward to
this trend continuing. Welcome, Diane! [TJ]


                     Membership Statistics

On November 30, 2004 Alcor had 697 members on its Emergency
Responsibility List. Ten memberships were approved during
this month, no memberships were reinstated, two memberships
were cancelled at the members' request and no members were
cryopreserved.  Overall, there was a net gain of eight
members this month.

At the end of this month, Alcor had 107 applicants for
membership.  There was a net loss of eight applicants with
ten approvals, five incoming applicants and three exiting
the application process on their own request. [JC]


                      Next Board Meeting

The next Board meeting is scheduled for Saturday, January 8,
2005 at 11:00 AM (MST).

Board meetings are held on the first Saturday of the month
at the Alcor facility (7895 East Acoma Drive in Scottsdale,
AZ). Members and the public are encouraged to attend.


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