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                 Number 32: November 13, 2004


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                     Authors This Issue:

Jennifer Chapman [JC], Tanya Jones [TJ], Tim Reeves [TR],
Joe Waynick [JW], Website Working Group (David Brandt-
Erichsen, Kevin Q. Brown, Stephen Van Sickle, "Brian
Wilson") [WWG].


In this issue

*     Two Patients in October
*     Whole-Body Enclosure Progress
*     Website Working Group Report
*     Transport Team Recruitment and Training
*     Membership Billing and Information Update
*     Personnel Notes
*     Membership Statistics
*     Next Board Meeting


                  Two Patients in October

The first patient we received in October (A-1321) died an
unattended death. When the patient's mail started piling up
in front of his house, his neighbors contacted the police.
After entering the home soon after the call, officers found
the member dead on the floor. He had apparently been there
for five or six days prior to being found.

Alcor was contacted by the local Coroner's Office, because
the patient was still wearing his medic-alert bracelet.
After some discussion, they agreed to waive the autopsy and
to release the body to a local funeral home for shipment to
Arizona. This patient was straight-frozen.

Our second patient received in October was also straight-
frozen. Patient A-1099 died in Florida several weeks ago,
but his delivery to Alcor for cryopreservation was held up
by legal challenges stemming from family members' attempts
to revoke the anatomical gift.

This patient died suddenly on a Sunday, and Alcor was not
notified. By the time we found out about the case and
located the patient at the funeral home, he had been
embalmed and was scheduled for a rapid cremation. We managed
to convince the funeral home to place a friendly hold on the
cremation order while the legal aspects of this gift were
resolved, and then things got complicated.

After a few weeks of legal wrangling (during which the
patient was packed in dry ice), the patient was released to
Alcor personnel, packed in more dry ice and shipped to Alcor
for cryopreservation. This brings the total number of
patients to 67. [TJ]


                Whole-Body Enclosure Progress

A prototype enclosure for the new whole-body cryoprotection
system has been designed. Over the next couple of weeks,
Hugh Hixon will be building a full-scale model of this
enclosure so that we can work out any problems prior to
sending the project out for fabrication. We anticipate this
enclosure to be completed by the end of the year.

With the chiller for lower-temperature perfusion also on
order, the two primary elements needed to engineer
"neurovitrification with whole-body cryoprotection" will be
ready. We're awaiting recommendations on changing our
cryoprotectants to solutions more compatible with whole-body
cryoprotection. Once the new solutions are available, we
should be able to implement the new procedure and eliminate
the "combination" procedure from the roster of options. [TJ]


              Website Working Group (WWG) Report

The number of distinct computers that accessed the Alcor
Website in each of the past five months:
13,635    June
10,662    July
11,880    August
14,627    September
16,655    October

There were access spikes on October 13 and October 18.  The
Oct. 13 spike was associated with the national newswire
story that Alcor had been ordered to release the Williams
documents.  The Oct. 18 spike was apparently related to
articles about Alcor in the Phoenix Business Journal and/or
Gainsville Times that appeared on October 17.  There was a
discernible increase in traffic associated with the CBS
MarketWatch story of October 22.

Changes this past month included:
*     The addition of a "What's New" item on the main menu
*     Addition of a "What is Vitrification?" slide
presentation to the Library
(http://www.alcor.org/Library/html/vitrification.html) This
is an illustrated primer, ideal for students or general
public that want to get the basic idea without getting
*     Expanded "News Media" main menu item (formerly "Press
Room") that includes an "Alcor in the News" page
(http://www.alcor.org/press/newsstories.html) and features
links to favorable news stories about Alcor.
*     New Library section on the "Ethical Basis for
Cryonics" (http://www.alcor.org/Library/index.html#ethics),
containing two new articles: "The Ends of Life?" by Rand
Simberg and "The Terminus of the Self" by Max More.
*     Updates to membership documents, and announcements of
Comprehensive Standby and new funding requirements for 2005.


          Transport Team Recruitment and Training

The northern California transport team recruiting meeting
was held as planned. It was not as well-attended as the
southern California meeting, but still provided a valuable
opportunity for local members to meet our CEO. We still hope
that some new volunteers will step forward to participate in
transport activities.

Prior to the event, we held the first of what will be
monthly transport team management meetings. Northern
California's capability was upgraded as the result of this
management meeting, and we've added field washout equipment
to the remote kit.

These transport team management meetings are intended to
resolve some of the communication issues that have been a
problem in previous years, and will typically be held
monthly immediately following Board meetings. All regional
coordinators will be expected to attend, providing input on
the quality of any cases carried out in their regions and on
improvements that Alcor might make to local capabilities.


         Membership Billing and Information Update

During our 4th quarterly billing, every invoiced member
received a "Membership Billing and Information Update" form.
To date, more than 200 members have returned this form. It
allowed members to choose their billing cycle, and the
option to have their invoice emailed instead of mailed; a
cost-saving strategy for Alcor. Emailed invoices obviously
save mailing supplies, postage, and the time and effort to
print and stuff envelopes. To date, more than 50 members
have chosen this method. During our 10/26/04 billing, all
invoices received a notice informing them that by choosing
to have invoices emailed, they save Alcor cost, and members
have the option to pay their invoice by credit card online
as well. Contact Tim Reeves ) if you wish to
change your billing method. [TR]


                      Personnel Notes

We have advertised job openings for a Transport Coordinator
to organize and coordinate Standby and Transport teams as
well as a Technical Development Leader position with the
requirement for a degree in biomedical engineering and
fabrication. We have quite a few qualified candidates and we
expect to have both position filled by the end of the year.

Diane Cremeens has continued working full-time on growth-
related tasks and is receiving regular training on a variety
of issues handled by the Membership Department. Paula Lemler
continues to work part-time designing an email campaign
using Constant Contact. A variety of messages were sent to
members, applicants, and info pack recipients announcing
Comprehensive Member Standby (CMS) and the upcoming rate
increases. Nikki Knowlton continues to assist the department


                   Membership Statistics

On October 31, 2004 Alcor had 689 members on its Emergency
Responsibility List. Five memberships were approved during
this month, no memberships were reinstated, one membership
was cancelled for insufficient funding and two members were
cryopreserved. Overall, there was a net gain of two members
this month.

At the end of this month, Alcor had 115 applicants for
membership.  There was a net loss of one applicant with five
approvals, six incoming applicants and two exiting the
application process on their own request. [JC]


                     Next Board Meeting

The next Board meeting is scheduled for Saturday, December
4, 2004 at 11:00 AM (MST).

Board meetings are held on the first Saturday of the month
at the Alcor facility (7895 East Acoma Drive in Scottsdale,
AZ). Members and the public are encouraged to attend.


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