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                  Number 31: October 8, 2004


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                     Authors This Issue:

Jennifer Chapman [JC], Tanya Jones [TJ], Michael Riskin
[MR], Joe Waynick [JW].

In this issue

*       New, Comprehensive Standby Policy
*       Legislative Update
*       Public Relations
*       Transport Vehicle
*       2005 Conference
*       Transport Team Recruitment and Training
*       Pet Population Grows Once More
*       _Cryonics_ Magazine
*       Membership Statistics
*       Next Board Meeting


             New, Comprehensive Standby Policy

Currently, any member wishing to have a standby launched
prior to the pronouncement of legal death is required to
provide additional funding for team deployment.
Comprehensive Member Standby (CMS, previously known as
"Universal Standby") will eliminate this need by providing
US and Canada-based members with guaranteed standby services
as part of this new plan. This includes an around-the-clock
standby team to prepare for the case, to provide for patient
stabilization upon pronouncement, and to transport the
patient to the Alcor facility (via ground or commercial
air). Separate funding will not be required.

The cost to each member to implement the CMS policy is a
modest $10.00 per month added to the monthly dues per adult
member. For minors (18 and under) and fulltime students
(under 25), the monthly fee is waived. This $10.00 per month
will give members standby coverage worth $35,000 or more, a
fee that would otherwise have to be paid as the need arose,
usually in a time of great stress for the patient and
patient's family. CMS will become effective as of January 1,
2005, and the new fees will appear on your normal billing

Provision has also been made for those wishing to avoid
possible transit delays in the use of commercial carriers.
As will be seen in the complete CMS plan, a member may
choose to reserve a privately-chartered aircraft, for an
additional annual fee of $500.00. There have been
situations, however, where chartered aircraft would not have
enhanced the quality of transport, so the member may
reasonably choose to waive this option. Even if chartered
service is selected and paid for, there have been cases
where it was not appropriate to use, because ground
transport or commercial aircraft was faster, given the
number of fuel stops a smaller craft has to make. Enrollment
in the charter aircraft portion of this plan will be limited
to the month of January of each year, and there is a 180-day
waiting period before a new enrollee may utilize the

Included with the standby policy change is an increase in
suspension minimums effective January 1, 2005. On that date
the new neuro suspension minimum will be $80,000 and the
whole-body suspension minimum will be $150,000. (Present
minimums are $50,000 for neuro and $120,000 for whole-body.)
These new suspension minimums do not affect existing members
unless they change the type of suspension they want (for
example, switching from neuro to whole-body or vice versa).
Otherwise, the higher minimums will only apply to new

The membership will receive complete details about the new
Comprehensive Standby policy in a special Alcor News that
will be sent next week. In addition, ongoing updates will be
made to the Alcor website at
http://www.alcor.org/BecomeMember/standby.html, to keep the
membership fully informed of late breaking information.
Specific questions can be directed to


                     Legislative Update

To date Alcor members have raised over $30,000 for a slate
of candidates facing reelection this November, as well as
participated in several rallies, fundraising events, and
campaigning activities. None of these important activities
were sponsored by Alcor itself but were sponsored and
supported, again, by individual members. [JW]


                      Public Relations

Alcor posted a press release announcing that we intend to
comply with a court ruling to provide the document of gift
to the relatives of Ted Williams. Alcor fully intends to do
so upon receipt of a final judgment signed by the court.
This legal technicality will enable Alcor to release the
documentation without violating patient confidentiality.
Alcor is eager to comply with the orders of the court and to
expedite compliance with the court's order; the necessary
final judgment paperwork was filed by Alcor in favor of the
plaintiffs for the court's signature. However, the attorney
for the plaintiffs has filed a protest indicating they do
not want a final judgment even though they are entitled to
one! Go figure.

Needless to say, we have not released the document of gift
and will not do so until we receive the final judgment
signed by the court since we still consider ourselves under
the restriction of our confidentiality agreement. [JW]


                      Transport Vehicle

Development of the new vehicle has progressed nicely in the
past few weeks. We've completed the preparation needed to
install the flooring. Builder's Purchasing in Scottsdale
will provide installation of the Medintech® flooring we've
selected. The contractor is on another job, but we hope to
obtain an estimate from them by next week.

We've found a cabinet maker to build the necessary spaces
for storing transport equipment in the vehicle. Our cabinets
will be custom-built, because we have significant space
constraints. We need every inch of space to ensure we have
enough room to store the equipment, perform the procedures,
and transport patients and personnel safely. Once complete,
we should have nearly four times the storage space required
by a transport kit. Of course, housing the equipment in a
vehicle instead of densely packed Pelican cases will allow
greater flexibility and redundancy, plus significantly
improved access to supplies.

All of the structural modifications needed to complete the
design have been drafted. I've compiled the list of
additional equipment we'd like to see installed, including
what is needed to process samples for gauging the success of
blood washouts.

With the addition of custom cabinets to the design, we're
pushing our $25,000 budget to its limits, but I still
believe we'll be able to come in under that, once all
expenses are totaled. The cabinets could also delay the
estimated completion time by a month, to the end of January
2005. [TJ]


                      2005 Conference

We intend to hold another conference in 2005 and have been
considering our options for dates and locations. One of the
contenders for venue is the Arizona Science Center in
Phoenix. Joe Waynick and I went to the Science Center to
meet with President Sheila Grinell. This meeting was
arranged by Cheryl Walsh, who also attended. During this
meeting, we discussed the possibility of holding our next
conference in their auditorium, and it seems the Science
Center would be ideal for the anticipated number of
attendees, with room for expansion. Though we have yet to
decide formally on conference locations or dates, we know we
have at least one local alternative that would appeal
strongly to our membership, especially if entrance to the
many exhibits were included as part of the registration.
However, attendees will be required to provide for their own
local transportation and book their own hotel rooms.

The second possibility for the 2005 conference is a
"CryoCruise." Having the conference aboard a cruise ship has
the advantage of simplifying a great many of the logistical
details for Alcor and attendees alike. In addition, there
will be plenty of activities before, between, and after
lectures and breakout sessions. Food and accommodations will
also be included at no additional cost. [TJ]


           Transport Team Recruitment and Training

The southern California recruitment meeting for the
transport team was a well-attended event held September 26
at the home of Dave Keckich. More than thirty Alcor members
were able to come, along with several prospective
cryonicists and at least one member of Cryonics Institute.
Over the course of the afternoon at least three people
expressed interest in assisting the local team, though more
may have contacted the local coordinators by now.
Preparations are underway for holding their introductory
training session later this month.

We're looking for a new host for the northern California
recruiting party scheduled on October 29, as the original
host is now going to be out of town. Details will follow as
the situation develops, but once we obtain a new location,
we'll do an email and postal mailing to invite the local
members. [TJ]


                Pet Population Grows Once More

On October first we added another pet to our patient
population, bringing our current companion animal total to
26. This was a cat with neuro arrangements, euthanized
because of cancer, and promptly delivered in dry ice to
Alcor. Preparation starting from the frozen state was
routine, including cephalic isolation and a cooldown of
about 60 hours' duration. Our kitty now takes a long, quiet
nap in liquid nitrogen, while technology improves ... .

Pet patient totals were previously over-reported by two. I
learned that two pets had been removed from our care some
years ago, so my count of companion animals required
adjusting. [TJ]


                    _Cryonics_ Magazine

The March / April issue of Cryonics magazine was finally
mailed to members. The May / June issue has been printed and
is ready for mailing. Mailing will occur by the second week
of October. The balance of the 2004 issues will go out
monthly to get back on track. Your patience is greatly
appreciated while we work out our production schedule. [JW]


                    Membership Statistics

On September 30, 2004 Alcor had 687 members on its Emergency
Responsibility List. Eight memberships were approved during
this month, no memberships were reinstated, no memberships
were cancelled and no members were cryopreserved. Overall,
there was a net gain of eight members this month.

At the end of this month Alcor had 116 applicants for
membership. With a month-end total of 117 last month, there
was a net loss of one applicant with seven incoming
applicants being added. [JC]


                     Next Board Meeting

The next Board meeting is scheduled for Saturday, November
6, 2004 at 11:00 AM (MST).

Board meetings are held on the first Saturday of the month
at the Alcor facility (7895 East Acoma Drive in Scottsdale,
AZ). Members and the public are encouraged to attend.


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