Alcor News Bulletin
Number 30: September 22, 2004


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Authors This Issue:

Jennifer Chapman [JC], Tanya Jones [TJ], Michael Riskin, Joe
Waynick [JW].


In This Issue:

* Fiscal Policy
* Public Relations
* Comprehensive Standby
* Southern California Transport Team Recruitment
* Pet Population Grows by One
* _Cryonics_ Magazine
* Legal Update
* Board Elections Held
* Hugh Hixon Resigns from Alcor's Board
* Membership Statistics
* Next Board Meeting


Fiscal Policy

I have said many times in public and in private that I am a
staunch fiscal conservative and to-date my primary focus has
been on the stabilization of Alcor's operating budget. We
have totally changed our accounting methodology so that we
can provide financial statements with greater reporting
detail than ever before. Our revamped fund accounting system
gives us the ability to analyze, forecast, and adjust our
fiscal practices and implement real-time budgeting.

This achievement has not come about without making a number
of hard spending choices, the adoption of a more stringent
Purchase Order approval policy, reductions in administrative
staff, enforcement of standby payment requirements and
stepped-up collection efforts of past due Membership Dues.
We have also produced a consolidated Income and Expense
statement, consolidated Balance Sheet, and our first ever
real-time consolidated Variance Report for more timely and
accurate cost containment. [JW]


Public Relations

WalshCOMM has been very busy assisting Alcor with several
strategic projects designed to help us be more effective
with the general public. They recently oversaw the filming
of what appears will be a very favorable segment of a
documentary on low temperature technology to be aired on
November 22nd in the History Channel's "Tactical to
Practical" series. They are also organizing a number of
media events and personal appearances by Alcor personnel in
New York, California and Arizona. They also recently
completed a research study with the objective of assisting
us to identify target markets in which we can be most
effective, classify attitudes and perceptions about cryonics
by present and former members, and write articles for
publication. [JW]


Comprehensive Standby

Details about the implementation of the new Comprehensive
Standby plan will be released in the July/August _Cryonics_
magazine (currently in development, see more on the magazine
below). A communication schedule for the membership for
electronic, print, and postal dissemination of the plan has
been developed and will be discussed.

Under the Comprehensive Standby Program currently in
development all members will be entitled to standby services
at no additional cost when they are diagnosed as terminally
ill. There will also be elective standby services available
in situations where members are hospitalized for planned
surgery. However, elective standby services will be at an
additional cost to the member. Clearly defined definitions
of elective vs. non-elective standby services will be
communicated to the membership.

In conjunction with the implementation of Comprehensive
Standby, new funding minimums will be announced at the
beginning of 2005 as well as a reasonable membership
dues increase to fund standbys for all members. Offering
Comprehensive Standby to the membership represents the
addition of a significant benefit to all members at a modest
incremental cost. Today, recommended standby funding levels
start at $20,000 per member. Last minute standby services
require a minimum $30,000 payment in advance. These sums are
well out of the reach of many of our members. Comprehensive
Standby eliminates those financial barriers at a tiny
fraction of the cost and vastly improves the quality of care
Alcor is able to offer.

Stay tuned for the July/August issue of _Cryonics_ magazine
for more information. [JW]


Southern California Transport Team Recruitment

Plans are in place to initiate the southern California
transport team recruiting drive on Sunday, September 26.
Assuming success in this recruiting drive, we hope to shore
up the transport team with more personnel and to begin more
formalized training with the next training session. The OSHA
documentation I've been developing will be of assistance in
this, as OSHA has specific requirements about what
information should be conveyed to personnel with the
potential for exposure to bloodborne pathogens.

Once southern California tests this party-model for
recruiting, we'll do the same thing in the northern
California area, which is in more severe need of training
and personnel. If this proves successful and we can continue
the development of training materials, we should be able to
export this process to other regions as well.

Contact Event Coordinator Michael Geisen
(mrgeisen200) for more information or directions
to the event. [TJ]


Pet Population Grows by One

We've added another pet to our patient population, bringing
our current companion animal total to 27. This was a neuro
cat who died a couple weeks ago, but whose owner was
sufficiently familiar with cryonics to place his cat on ice,
then dry ice, while the paperwork was being completed. [TJ]


_Cryonics_ Magazine

Adapting to a more aggressive publishing schedule has been
problematic due to unexpected events requiring staff
attention and production glitches beyond the control of
Alcor. We have developed a much more flexible content
gathering formula that allows plenty of time to write, edit,
and typeset articles and graphics on a regular schedule.

We currently have two back issues ready for publication. One
is being distributed during the week of September 20th. The
second will go out the first week of October. The balance of
the 2004 issues will go out monthly to get back on track.
This will be possible because content for the remaining
issues has already been selected. Authorship has been spread
among a wider group, thereby relieving the workload on Alcor
staff. In addition, new suppliers have been located to
eliminate production bottlenecks. [JW]


Legal Update

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Thomas Dunevant III
recently ordered Alcor to present a document of gift for Ted
Williams to nephews Ted and Sam Williams.

It should be noted that Alcor was merely an ancillary third
party in the legal dispute among family members over the
disposition of Williams' body and that the Foundation was
not accused of any wrongdoing. Alcor was entitled to obtain
a court determination concerning the requirements of the
Arizona Anatomical Gift Act before releasing the document of
gift. The court order provides the necessary legal directive
to release the document as required under this Act.

Alcor plans to release the document as soon as a final
judgment is signed by the court. [JW]


Board Elections Held

All existing members of the Board of Directors were
reelected for another term on September 11, 2004. In
addition, Dr. Jerry Lemler was added as the ninth and final
director. [TJ]


Hugh Hixon Resigns from Alcor's Board

It is with deep regret that the Alcor Board of Directors
accepts the resignation of Hugh Hixon as a Director,
effective September 22. Hugh has served on the Alcor board
for over 20 years and has decided for personal reasons to
step down. Hugh will remain an Alcor employee and focus more
attention and effort on expanding Alcor's research program
including intermediate temperature maintenance, whole-body
vitrification, and memory retention experiments. Hugh's
institutional knowledge and considerable expertise will
continue to be a valuable asset at Alcor Central for quite
some time to come. On behalf of the Alcor Board of
Directors, we all thank Hugh for his generous service.

Michael Riskin,
Chairman of the Board,
Joe Waynick,
Alcor Life Extension Foundation.


Membership Statistics

On August 31, 2004 Alcor had 679 members on its Emergency
Responsibility List. Six memberships were approved during
this month, no memberships were reinstated, no memberships
were cancelled and no members were cryopreserved. Overall,
there was a net gain of six members this month.

At the end of this month Alcor had 117 applicants for
membership. With a month-end total of 118 last month, there
was a net loss of one applicant with six incoming applicants
being added. [JC]


Next Board Meeting

The next Board meeting is scheduled for Saturday, October 2,
2004 at 11:00 AM (PST), also 11:00 AM local Arizona time.
Board meetings are held on the first Saturday of the month
at the Alcor facility (7895 East Acoma Drive in Scottsdale,
AZ). Members (and the general public) are encouraged to


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