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                  Number 29: August 11, 2004


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                     Authors This Issue:

Jennifer Chapman [JC], Tanya Jones [TJ], Mathew Sullivan
[MS], Joe Waynick [JW].


                        In This Issue:

*     Legislative Initiative
*     Public Relations
*     Endowment Fund Established
*     Cindy Felix Resigns
*     Basha's Charity Program
*     Membership Statistics
*     Next Board Meeting


                  Legislative Initiative

Barry Aarons, Tanya Jones, and I recently had a very
productive meeting with Joe Abade and Marc Griesenbrock from
the Life Legacy Foundation to discuss common interests and
legislative strategy for next year. The entire organ donor
"industry" in the state of Arizona has received a great deal
of negative publicity and the legislature is considering
passing a bill to regulate them. This can potentially have
serious negative consequences to Alcor given the high level
of publicity we received during the last session and the
expected second attempt at regulation in the next session.
(The Scottsdale Tribune ran a series of articles on organ
donation practices; see, for example,
www.phoenix360.com/news/morenews/index.asp?did=11351 .) In
the last session, the organ donor network was a prominent
and highly vocal bloc of stakeholders. We expect the same in
the next session. Important "agreements" we achieved were:

-     We mutually acknowledged our respective OPA (Organ
Procurement Agency) status;
-     Neither organization opposes appropriate oversight;
-     Neither organization wants funeral board oversight;
-     Both organizations agree oversight should be under the
DHS or a new board;
-     Both organizations will attempt to mutually draft
legislation prior to the next session;

The one major area in which we differ is that Life Legacy
wants heavier oversight over "for profit" organ donation
organizations. We have not taken a position on that point.

In an attempt to pave the way to a more supportive
legislature, we've begun giving tours to members of the
Arizona House of Representatives and the Senate. [JW]


                      Public Relations

The public relations firm of WalshCOMM was selected to
represent Alcor for a six month engagement and on a month-
to-month basis thereafter. The owner of the company is
Cheryl Walsh. Barry, Michael Riskin, Tanya, and I
interviewed Cheryl and her team extensively prior to making
the selection. WalshCOMM won out over three other strong

Over the next six months, Cheryl and her team will perform
the following tasks for us:

*     Identifying company marketing priorities;
*     Telephone research with Board members, Advisors, staff
and members;
*     Lobbying support;
*     Community positioning, awards, recognition;
*     Development and placement of PR articles;
*     Ghostwriting relevant articles;
*     Assistance in retaining ASU for an economic impact
*     Development of strategic partnerships with Valley non-
profits and associations;
*     Introduction to and development of alliances with
complementary businesses, associations, etc.

These are all important activities that will aid us in our
pending efforts in the next legislative session. In
addition, these activities lay the groundwork for a more
targeted marketing effort to increase membership,
fundraising, and general revenues.

In her public relations efforts, Cheryl and her team will be
contacting several public Alcor members, Board members,
Advisors, and staff with a series of questions about
involvement and interest in cryonics generally, and Alcor
specifically. Your answers to these questions will help hone
our message, and we strongly encourage you to return her
call if you're contacted.

Not everyone will be included in this initial survey, but if
you'd like to participate, please drop Tanya a note with
your preferred phone number and the best time to reach you.


               Endowment Fund Re-Established

Alcor has re-established its Endowment Fund. The purpose of
the fund is to take the bulk of a bequest and invest it for
income-producing purposes. Seventy-five percent of all
income produced by the fund would be allocated across the
various Alcor operating funds, with twenty-five percent
retained by the Endowment Fund to provide for capital
growth. The intent of this approach is to maintain growing
reserves that generate a predictable stream of income. The
allocated portion available for use will fund ongoing
research and development, contribute to the general fund,
and add to the Patient Care Trust Fund.

Joe Waynick is in the process of evaluating and selecting an
appropriately managed index fund, and fully expects to
complete this evaluation and funds transfer prior to the
next board meeting. [TJ/JW]


                   Cindy Felix Resigns

We regretfully announce the sudden resignation of Cindy
Felix last Friday. We intend to begin searching for a new
Facility Engineer quickly, and if you have any personal
recommendations or know any qualified individuals looking
for this type of work, please let us know. [TJ]


                 Seasonal Giving Program

Here is a seasonal reminder to everyone who has a Basha's
grocery card. If you tell the store clerk when checking out
that you want to link up the charity program to your card,
1% of your purchase amounts will go to Alcor up to the group
maximum of $2,500. The number you will want to give to the
clerk is 23201. The program is effective from September 13th
through March 31st.

Though we're not sure this program extends far beyond the
borders of Arizona, we encourage you to participate, since
it's an easy way to support local charities. For more
information, see Basha's website at
www.bashas.com/charity.php. [MS]


                   Membership Statistics

On July 31, 2004 Alcor had 673 members on its Emergency
Responsibility List. Seven (7) memberships were approved
during this month, zero (0) memberships were reinstated, one
(1) membership was cancelled (per member request) and zero
(0) members were cryopreserved. Overall, there was a net
gain of six (6) members this month. Alcor has 118 applicants
for membership. With a month-end total of 121 last month,
there was a net reduction of three (3) applicants. [JC]


                    Next Board Meeting

The next Board meeting is scheduled for Saturday, September
11, 2004 at 11:00 AM (PST), also 11:00 AM local Arizona
time. Board elections will occur at this meeting.

Board meetings are held on the first Saturday of the month
at the Alcor facility (7895 East Acoma Drive in Scottsdale,
AZ). Members (and the general public) are encouraged to

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