Alcor News Bulletin
                 Number 24: March 10 2004


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                 Alcor News Special Edition

The legislative battle is heating up again, as
Representative Stump has decided to move ahead in spite of
his verbal and public assurances that negotiations would be
completed prior to moving the bill forward. We've been
involved with creating the statutory definitions for
cryonics and the scope of regulatory oversight by the
Funeral Board, and we've obtained agreements on the
establishment of a specific cryonics license to ensure that
no confusion exists within the funeral industry with regard
to choices for final disposition. Though the Funeral Board
and Alcor have reached an accord on these issues,
Representative Stump has chosen to move forward with the
legislation as it currently stands.

Once again, Stump moves with little warning to or discussion
with the involved stakeholders; and HB 2637 will be heard on
the House floor TOMORROW with the negotiations still
incomplete. As a result, we are forced to register our
strong opposition to this bill. We are not the only ones
opposing this hasty and ill-conceived regulation, and we'll
be joined by several educational institutions, the *entire*
Arizona anatomical donor network, and members of the Health
Committee who were expecting Stump to make good on his

Though we're obviously disappointed at this development,
we're well-positioned to ensure this bill dies in the House.
We need your help to ensure our position is made clear to
the legislators, and we ask that everyone take the time to
email the House of Representatives, letting them know that
this bill is one bad piece of legislation.

Some of you may have already received the previous version
of the Talking Points we developed for the early stages of
this process, but bear in mind that it no longer represents
the current state of the arguments. Right now, the points
that need to be made include:

   * There is no statutory definition of cryonics.
   * There are no provisions for becoming licensed as a
      cryonics establishment.
   * The accord reached by Alcor and the Funeral Board
      eliminates the need for additional regulatory
      oversight at this time. This is a solution without a

If you visit our website, you'll find a list of the fax and
phone numbers, and a formatted version of the email
addresses for all the Representatives; and we urge each of
you to politely communicate a request that they vote against
HB 2637.

Feel free to pass this message along to anyone who might

We thank you for your support.

End of Alcor News bulletin #24 dated March 10, 2004.
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