Alcor News Bulletin
                Number 20: January 7th 2004


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Contributors to this issue: Tanya Jones [TJ], Joe Waynick 
[JW], and Mike Perry [MP].


                       First Words 

The beginning of 2004 finds us at Alcor busily preparing for 
a new administration with a budgetary review and some new 
policies. Tanya Jones as usual has most of the say-so in 
this issue, with an added message from our new CEO, Joe 
Waynick. [MP]


                   New CEO and President

At the December 13, 2003 meeting, Alcor's Board of Directors 
selected Joseph Waynick as Alcor's new CEO,  President and 
member of the Board. Mr. Waynick took office January 1, 
2004, succeeding Dr. Jerry Lemler, who continues as Alcor’s 
Medical Director and chief spokesperson. 

Joe Waynick began his career in 1980 as a computer 
programmer in the U.S. Marine Corps. He then relocated to 
San Diego, California and joined California First Bank as a 
senior systems programmer. By 1993 he was Vice President in 
charge of Technical Support. In 1997 he again relocated, 
this time to Phoenix, Arizona as Vice President and 
Technology Leader of Technical Support with American Express 
and later transferred to Vice President and Technology 
Leader of Computer Operations. He retired from the 
information technology industry in April 2001 to pursue 
private business interests. He completed his signup and 
became an Alcor member in September 2001. In 2002 he 
acquired Custom Impressions, LLC, a printing and graphics 
design company.

We're all impressed with the management skills Joe has 
displayed since arriving on the scene, and are looking 
forward to working closely with him to improve the long-term 
protection and preservation of our patients and the quality 
of Alcor's research and cryopreservation capability that 
sound management practices will afford. Welcome, Joe! 
[TJ, MP]


                 A Message from Joe Waynick

It is a great privilege and honor to have been selected by 
the Board of Directors as the new CEO/President of Alcor. I 
am looking forward to continuing Alcor’s progress by 
improving our ability to provide the best suspension 
capability current science can offer as well improving the 
long-term care of our patients.

Alcor and the cryonics industry itself are facing increasing 
challenges from society all the way from government 
regulation and public acceptance, to legal opposition to our 
pursuit of longevity and ultimately reanimation. I am 
confident that our organization will overcome any social and 
technological obstacles we encounter.

The coming year looms before us with the prospect of great 
opportunity as well as great challenges. In the opportunity 
category, I am excited about some of the innovative 
fundraising options we plan to introduce this year. They 
represent new sources of revenue that will help reinforce 
Alcor’s financial foundation while at the same time allow 
members to support the organization in a unique fashion 
without adding yet another financial burden.

In the obstacles category, Alcor continues to battle those 
who would try to divert us from our mission. Add to that our 
efforts to upgrade the facility with a new and improved 
Patient Care Bay, new Operating Room, the retrofit of the 
new Ambulance, and many other enhancement projects on the 
drawing board, and you can see that we really have our work 
cut out for us.

Rest assured, that the team here at Alcor Central is more 
determined than ever to make the organization bigger, better 
and stronger in the new year. Your continued support and 
encouragement is always greatly appreciated. [JW]


    Intermediate Temperature Storage Project Progressing

Work on the intermediate temperature storage for neuro 
patients has moved into a new phase. After extensive 
testing Todd Huffman is convinced Brian Wowk’s design is 
sufficiently robust and resistant to failure. Some changes 
are being made to the design, and Brian is currently 
constructing a version with those changes.

Besides the unit designed by Brian Wowk there are various 
support mechanisms needed. The Bigfoot dewars will need to 
be retrofitted to accommodate the new containers, and safety 
measures will have to be put in place to ensure 
uninterrupted operation. There is also a control 
infrastructure needed to manage multiple, independent 
storage units. Currently, these components are being 
designed and will be built as soon as funds allow. [TJ]


                   Administrative Report

Alcor ended the year with 661 cryopreservation members, 
having started the year with 611. This represents an 8.2% 
growth in membership during a time of some turmoil in the 
cryonics community. While respectable considering the lack 
of coordinated marketing, we still hope to improve the 
growth rate to 10% or more for 2004.

For the past few weeks, the executive team has been 
developing the 2004 budget. Admittedly, we're a little 
behind on the scheduling, but we hope to have this task 
complete by the end of the month. It has been a while since 
Alcor has operated strictly to a budget, and we're looking 
forward to making cryonics less of a sinkhole for funding. 
For now, all projects are on temporary hold as we determine 
the minimum requirements for maintaining our current level 
of service. We'll be prioritizing and re-introducing 
specific projects and upgrades as the funding becomes 

Budgetary considerations were also important in the 
dismissal of Katherine Waters from the Alcor staff last 
week. Katherine was hired by Alcor in 2002 to assist in 
accounting duties; and she has performed those duties well, 
taking much of the load from Joe Hovey. Joe had hoped to 
move to a half-time schedule later this quarter, but this 
plan is now on hold with the abolishing of Katherine's 
position as our accounting department is reorganized. We 
thank Katherine for her hard work over the past couple of 
years, and wish her the best in her future endeavors. [TJ]


                    Alcor Central Meeting

Alcor's first meeting of the year will be held on Saturday, 
January 10, at 11am MST (10am PST, noon CST, 1pm EST). 
Alcor meetings are now held in the new conference room at 
the facility's location in Scottsdale. [MP]

End of Alcor News bulletin #20 dated January 7th, 2004. 
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