Cryonics Magazine 3rd Quarter 2020

Cryonics Magazine 3rd Quarter 2020 is now available on the website. Featured articles include:

How to Sustain an Organization for Over a Century. Part One: Corporate Longevity
In this two-part article, Max More reviews the track record of different types of organizations to survive for very long periods and what it means for Alcor.

Interview with Max More
As Max More transitions from his position as CEO to his new role of Ambassador & President Emeritus, we check in with Max to look back on his career at Alcor, his achievements, and how his thoughts on cryonics and Alcor have evolved during his time in this position.

The Alcor Meta-Analysis Project
The Alcor Meta-Analysis Project is a collaboration between Alcor and Advanced Neural Biosciences to conduct a comprehensive meta-analysis of all Alcor cases. This report outlines the objectives of the project and the progress made to date.

Jerry Leaf: Researcher, Surgeon, and Cryonics Advocate
After his untimely cryopreservation there was a brief burst of short articles on Jerry’s life and achievements at Alcor. After almost 30 years we return to the life and career of Jerry Leaf as a surgeon, researcher, and writer.