A-1154 becomes Alcor’s 149th Patient on October 2, 2016

Scott Toth, A-1154, a non-confidential neurocryopreservation member, was pronounced on October 4, 2016 in Florida, USA. Scott became Alcor’s 149th patient on October 6, 2016.

Because he was found after clinical death and because he was a Medical Examiner’s case, no cryoprotection was possible. Fortunately, no autopsy was performed. With an unusually large storm expected to hit the area in the very near future, we raced against time to get Scott out of Florida and to Alcor before flights were grounded. We received Scott early in the evening of October 6. Temperature readings indicated that he was still cooling down to dry ice temperature. On October 7, neuroseparation was completed and cooldown to long-term storage temperature initiated. Cooling to -196 degC was completed on October 12.