Alcor Welcomes Two New Directors and Six New Advisors

When we put out a call in mid-October for potential new Directors and Advisors, we were not expecting such a strong response. A good number of intelligent, talented, and experienced individuals stepped forth.

We are glad to announce that at the December 17, 2016 Alcor Board meeting, two individuals were invited to join the Alcor Board of Directors, and six individuals were invited to join the Advisors to the Board. This expands the Alcor Board from six to eight persons, leaving open one place. Welcome to Michael O’Neal, PhD and Andy Aymeloglu, who we believe will add tremendous value to the Board.

Welcome also to six new Advisors to the Board: Michael Anzis, Linda Chamberlain, David Kremelberg, PhD, James Miller, PhD. JD, James Ryley, PhD, and Robert Wilkes, PhD. Review of respondents is still underway, so additional Advisors may be appointed on a rolling basis.

Shortly after this announcement, the Board and Advisors pages will be updated, including short bios of the new directors.