2016 Annual Meeting Elections

Here are the results of the elections at the Alcor Annual Meeting on September 10, 2016:

After serving as a board member since 2001, Saul Kent did not stand for re-election, but remains an Alcor Advisory Board member. Alcor is grateful for his many years of service and activism, and for his key role in supporting development of technologies and companies vital to modern cryonics. Saul Kent’s support and promotion go back to within a few years of Alcor’s founding in 1972. Saul was the principal organizer and Director of Alcor’s first conference in 1978. In the 1980s he helped fund Alcor’s operations and research, and participated in and funded pivotal legal battles. During the 1990s, Saul established companies that developed the core technologies used by Alcor for stabilization, cryopreservation, and storage. After rejoining Alcor’s board in 2001, Saul established Suspended Animation, Inc., and continued to provide financial and legal support. Finding and hiring Alcor’s CEO Max More was another accomplishment directly attributable to Saul’s initiative and support.

All other directors were unanimously re-elected:
Catherine Baldwin
Ravin Jain
Ralph Merkle
Michael Riskin
Michael Seidl
Brian Wowk

President: Max More was re-relected unanimously.
CFO/treasurer: Michael Perry was re-relected unanimously.
Secretary: Michael Perry was re-relected unanimously.