Changes in Dues Discounts

At the 2012 Strategic Meeting, the board agreed to a proposal made by Finance Director Bonnie Magee and supported by Alcor President Max More to alter the various discounts offered for membership dues. The aim is to make changes that are nearly budget-neutral but are fairer than the existing discount structure. Alcor would also like to recognize our long-term members, who have supported Alcor for many years.

From the start of 2013, this means that discounts for older students will be reduced, while members who have been with Alcor for over 20 years will receive a discount. Family member discounts remain unchanged. The revised discounts are as follows:

Full-time students:
25 and under: $310 off annual dues
26 – 30: $155 off annual dues
31 +: no discount

Long term members:
Members over 20 years receive $186 off annual dues

Family members:
Minor family members: $465 off annual dues
Adult family members: $310 off annual dues

All amounts are shown as annual total dollar reductions in membership dues only (not CMS charges). Members may only receive one type of discount. Alcor will automatically select the largest discount. Discounts are not applied to life members. Family members should reside in the same residence to receive discount.