Member Communications Director Position Still Open


A new position called the Member Communications Director (MCD) has opened at Alcor.

The Member Communications Director’s job will be to communicate with Alcor’s members by email, by telephone, and in person for multiple purposes, among which are:

1. To find out more about the member, including such information as the member’s health condition, occupation, work background, interests, family, and aspirations.

2. To determine whether the member wishes to engage in volunteer activities on behalf of Alcor and, if the member wishes to do so, to provide the member with a variety of ways in which the member can volunteer.

3. To answer the member’s questions about Alcor.

4. To determine whether the member has left assets to be distributed to Alcor after death via a will, trust, or other document. If the member has done so, the MCD will offer to evaluate, in cooperation with attorneys of Alcor’s choosing, whether the legal documents in which the bequest has been made have been executed in a manner that will do the job effectively and, if not, to help correct them.

5. To determine the member’s general degree of wealth and whether the member has any interest in donating money (or other assets) or in leaving a bequest to Alcor. If the member is interested in making a donation, the MCD will provide the member with a variety of projects that need funding via tax-exempt donations.  If the member is interested in making a bequest, the MCD will offer, in cooperation with attorneys of Alcor’s choosing, to help the member in executing a will, trust, or other legal document to accomplish the bequest with attorneys of Alcor’s choosing if it is appropriate to do so.


The MCD should be an Alcor member who is (or becomes) knowledgeable about Alcor and issues in cryonics, is articulate in talking to members, and is sensitive enough to know when to push forward when members make it clear that they want to help Alcor or want help from Alcor. The MCD should also be able, in cooperation with others of Alcor’s choosing, to prepare written information to help answer questions asked by members.


The salary for the MCD is $60K plus benefits per year. This salary plus relocation expenses has been guaranteed for one year by the Life Extension Foundation (LEF). After one year, the Member Communication Director’s continued employment at Alcor will be dependent upon his or her job performance.

Applications for the Member Communications Director should be mailed to D’Bora Tarrant at Alcor Life Extension Foundation, 7895 Acoma Drive, Suite 110, Scottsdale, Arizona 85260 or (b) be sent by email to D’Bora Tarrant at: .