Austin TX CryoFeast 2011

This year’s Alcor CryoFest will be held Saturday, November 26th at 2:30pm in South Austin at the home of Alcor President Max More and Humanity+ Chair Natasha Vita-More.  This Thanksgiving themed get-together is for Texas area cryonicists and life extension enthusiasts. We are delighted that this CryoFeast looks to include not only Alcor members and other cryonicists, but also Humanity+ members, life extensionists, and others interested in the field of human enhancement and life expansion.  Feel free to share this invitation with anyone who you think may be interested.

A short meeting will also take place at the CryoFeast for people who are interested in learning more about cryonics but have not yet set up arrangements with a cryonics organization. In the past people have attended from Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, from all over Texas, to reconnect, meet new people, and learn about developments in the cryonics field. 

Attendees are only asked to bring a favorite dish or drink they would like to share and to RSVP.

RSVP to Immortality Institute Director and Alcor volunteer Shannon Vyff by email: , or by text or phone: (806) 445-6417  When you RSVP, please include what sort of main, side or dessert dish you will bring and she will get back to you with the address to the CryoFeast location.  Also please list the number in your party and ages of any children who will be accompanying you. Shannon will be setting up a cryonics Q&A session for the children and coordinating who is coming to the CryoFeast as well as what they are contributing.