Readiness and Transport

Alcor recently acquired its second LUCAS 2 chest compression device replacing the older LUCAS, leaving one assigned to the airline travel kit and one now assigned to the Rescue Vehicle.

The LUCAS 2 differs from the original Lucas in that it is an electric rather than a pneumatic device. This eliminates the need to carry or locate a portable O2 supply while on deployment. LUCAS 2 can be powered either by battery alone or using a wall or car electricity outlet. The battery is the latest in rechargeable, Lithium Ion Polymer technology and operates for up to 45 minutes on a single battery. When a battery needs to be replaced, the device does not have to be powered down, only put into the pause mode, and when the new battery is inserted, operation can be quickly resumed, limiting the cessation of circulation. The LUCAS 2 is remarkably quieter to operate, which is very important in a hospital or hospice setting.