Alcor’s 95th Patient

A long time member since 1990 and a volunteer at Alcor, Paul Garfield (A-1608L), entered into hospice care this past May in Plano, TX. Alcor’s deployment committee decided to send Aaron Drake, Alcor’s Transport Coordinator; members of the Texas Regional Response Team; and a team from Suspended Animation to perform a standby. A little more than 30 hours after arriving, Paul was pronounced and the team immediately began performing stabilization and cool down procedures. Suspended Animation performed a successful washout in the field prior to Paul’s transport to Scottsdale, AZ. He became our 95th patient.

Born in 1917 in Boston, MA, Paul enjoyed a life of long distance running and dancing. He was an Army veteran, having served in China during WWII. Paul retired from a career as a Purchasing Agent and became very interested in cryonics when Alcor was located in California. He followed Alcor’s move to Arizona and volunteered every Friday for more than 10 years. Paul’s wonderful personality and smile will be missed by all of his friends here at Alcor.