Transport and Readiness

Supply Kits
The estimated costs to update supply kits are being reviewed by management. We expect to order all the remaining portions necessary to complete them in the near future. In the meantime, we have items in stock that require packaging corrections and sterilization before they are put into their proper positions inside the supply kit.

Los Angeles Training
The Los Angeles training went well. Regina Pancake included 3D animations ideal for training showing intubations, combi-tube insertion, Easy I-O, and the FAST I-O.

Ice Bath Production
Our ice bath liners are in production now. The prototype pattern sent out to the vendor was completed. These will work very well for our rescue litter based ice baths. We are limiting them to six at this time due to the current open question of which way to develop the Icebath/Thumper combo that we are researching with Suspended Animation.