Technical Updates

Research and Development
Refinements continue on the whole-body enclosure for the vitrification system. We have been working to adjust the liquid nitrogen flows and temperature distribution across both the cooling stage and the patient environment. The testing this month included:

1. Performing a trial run of the cDAQ – 9172 unit from National Instruments.
2. Performing an extreme cold test of the redesigned and prototyped enclosure lid.
3. Gaining and recording data on the cooling efficiency of the table for use in fine tuning of liquid nitrogen delivery.

Research and Development Committee
Through a unanimous vote from the Board, R. Pancake was added to the Research and Development Committee. Other voting members include Brian Wowk, PhD, Steve Harris, MD, and Tanya Jones. The Research and Development Committee determines uses for the Readiness Grant provided by the Life Extension Foundation, the Miller family, and Edward and Vivian Thorp.
Readiness Grant


Alcor’s first use of the readiness grant was to help fund some much needed improvements to its stabilization and transport kits, which were featured in the August 2008 issue of AlcorNews. The funds were used to purchase the following:

9 new sets of medications, with assorted supplies for medication administration;
1 Michigan Instruments Thumper repair;
6 rescue baskets for the construction of new ice baths, with assorted materials;
1 box of arterial cannula for ATP;
Labor for construction of 6 new ice baths;
Labor for construction of 9 medication kits.

We thank the Life Extension Foundation, the Miller family and Edward and Vivian Thorp for their donation towards readiness improvements of $32,639.68.

Presently, all the below first response teams in the field have fresh medication kits with up-to-date medications:
Alcor Central
Northern California
Southern California
United Kingdom

Continued work is being done to improve the stabilization and transport kits.