Administrative Updates

Jennifer Chapman named Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer
Discussions between the board of directors and Alcor management regarding recent changes in Jennifer Chapman‘s role and responsibilities prompted the board to vote to change Jennifer Chapman’s title to Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, per the Bylaws provision that requires CFO to be Treasurer. Jennifer will direct the organization’s financial affairs and maintain its fiscal records, including evaluating and implementing internal controls, preparing budgets, producing internal financial statements, and overseeing financial reviews conducted by an outside accounting firm. Jennifer serves on the Financial Advisory Committee formed in July 2008.

Membership Services
There were a total of nine new members this month. Growth in 2009 is expected to be a substantial improvement over 2006 and 2007, although there is still room for improvement. Remember, cryonics grows the fastest when existing members and supporters talk with friends and loved ones about cryonics and Alcor’s program.