Research and Development

The Whole-body System The development of the whole-body system progresses with some changes to the user interface which will make the system easier to use and yet also provide more clarity on the data being generated at any given moment. We have also expanded significantly the note-taking capability of the system. We are at the point of final engineering testing for the ramp generation portion of the system and have yet to verify our 3-point calibration.

Redesigned Stabilization and Transport Kits As of August 20, 2008, our Transport Teams in Southern California, Northern California, Massachusetts, Nevada, Florida and the United Kingdom have now been outfitted with the new Med Kits. These kits are the first stage of the Stabilization and Transport Kits currently in development here at Alcor.

The latest configuration for the Med Kit allows for ease of use for our teams when stabilization and transport time is limited and crucial. Each medication is vacuum sealed into a clear plastic package containing all the required elements and written instructions.

Our Southern California Transport Team performed a test run recently at their July training session using a mock up kit identical to the now real and deployed Med Kits. Feedback from the field on the redesigned kit was very positive and greatly appreciated.