Board Announcement

On June 7th and 8th, 2008, the Alcor board and management held a 2-day strategic planning meeting at the Alcor facility in Scottsdale, Arizona. Many general issues relating to the organization were discussed. A major topic of discussion was a funding offer brought forward by board member, Saul Kent. The offer is for the Life Extension Foundation, the Millers, and Edward and Vivian Thorp to each contribute $150,000 a year to Alcor for three years, totaling $1,350,000. These contributions are to fund improvements in cryopreservation case readiness, a new Standby Coordinator staff position, and an Executive Director search and salary support. Fuller details are below. The offer, with its associated conditions, was accepted by a majority vote of the Alcor board, with Steve Van Sickle and Carlos Mondragon opposing.

Also at this meeting, Tanya Jones was appointed Executive Director of Alcor, Jennifer Chapman was appointed Chief Operating Officer, and Steve Van Sickle was appointed Chief Technical Officer. Steve Van Sickle stepped down from the Alcor board, and Carlos Mondragon stepped down from the Alcor board and Alcor Patient Care Trust board. Michael Riskin was appointed as the new board representative on the Patient Care Trust board.

Board and management express their gratitude to Steve Van Sickle and Carlos Mondragon for their many years of service on the board, and to Steve Van Sickle for his past three years of service as Executive Director. The board also congratulates and wishes well Tanya Jones, Jennifer Chapman, Steve Van Sickle, and Michael Riskin in their new roles. The board also thanks Jerry Lemler for chairing the 2-day strategic meeting.

Alcor especially thanks the Life Extension Foundation, the Millers, and Edward and Vivian Thorp for their generous offer of financial support for improvements at Alcor, and Saul Kent for bringing the offer forward. The resolution adopted by the board accepting the funding proposal under the terms it was offered is below:

In response to a proposal by three major benefactors delivered to the Alcor board of directors by Saul Kent on June 7, 2008, we adopted these resolutions solely with respect to the use of $150,000 per donor per year for three years, totaling $1,350,000:

1. A comprehensive search for a new Executive Director will be undertaken.

2. A comprehensive search for a full-time Standby Coordinator will be initiated. In addition to managing standbys, this person would be responsible for working with others at Alcor to improve readiness for cases and would write detailed case reports for every Alcor cryopreservation patient in a timely manner.

3. Donations are to be accepted for improving readiness capability at Alcor for cryopreservation cases. In order to encourage donors to support this development, the following procedure will be followed:

First, written proposals, including budgets, will be submitted to the Alcor R&D committee for approval.

If the proposal involves developing new equipment, the next steps will be building and testing a prototype of this new equipment. Only after this prototype has been approved by the R&D committee will money be provided to construct or purchase additional units. The R&D committee is charged with evaluating all available options before making decisions regarding readiness equipment.

4. Upon payment by the donors of the needed funds, Alcor will give a 10% raise to all staff members.

5. All parts of the plan shall be implemented in a timely fashion.

6. Alcor will seek candidates for both positions who are mutually agreeable to the Alcor board of directors and the donors.

7. Alcor will develop a comprehensive fund raising and revenue-generation plan. Saul Kent will undertake to develop a first draft.