Research and Development

In the last update we reported that Alcor’s Advanced Cryoprotective Perfusion System (ACPS) was awaiting final wiring of the system. The panel containing the refractometers and temperature monitoring systems, as well as other assorted electronics, has now been wired for use. The programmer is currently assembling all of the discrete components of the system into a single batch process for operation.

The patient enclosure, which will be used in conjunction with the ACPS during the cryopreservation process, has also seen modification. One change was to increase the size of the heat exchange area of the OR table where nitrogen will circulate for cooling. This made the enclosure taller, so we are reconsidering the use of a standard-height operating table. Another change was to miniaturize the chiller, which uses liquid nitrogen to cool and precisely control the temperature of the cryoprotectant as it enters the patient. These changes will enable a significant amount of floor space to be recovered (compared to the previous design) and all perfusion components (except the perfusate itself) to fit on the pump base.