Membership Growth on the Rise

Several new efforts to increase membership, largely revolving around improving personal contact with prospective applicants and extending them promotional offers, have doubled the typical number of incoming applicants per month. Additionally, 65 applications for membership with Alcor have been submitted since December 2007, surpassing the total number of applications submitted in the first eleven months of 2007 (51).

In February, Alcor received 12 incoming applications and 3 new members were finalized. Thus far in March, 13 applications have been received, suggesting that the growth presently being enjoyed by Alcor is a sustainable trend.

Subscription to Cryonics Magazine, Alcor’s quarterly, four-color magazine, has more than tripled in the last six months. This is largely due to a promotional offer giving away complimentary subscriptions to those interested in learning more about Alcor’s program. In 2008, Alcor plans to increase to 2000 copies of each magazine issue.

Alcor members are encouraged to do their part to increase membership growth. A volunteer opportunity was added to Alcor’s website that will enable existing members to speak with prospective members. Referral by existing members is the primary source of membership growth for Alcor, so members can simply contact Alcor to add his/her name to a list.

Following adequate screening, these members will be put in contact with prospective clients who request further discourse after speaking with Alcor representatives.