Barbara Walters Special to Air April 1st

Alcor COO Tanya Jones and Alcor member Shannon Vyff were interviewed for a Barbara Walters Special in 2006. The documentary will address ways people around the world are pursuing longevity. Watch for it on ABC on April 1st. Check your local TV listing for program air time.

Conference DVD
The 7th Alcor Conference DVD has been in production for several months. We had hoped to get the conference DVD into replication in February, however some interference was experienced due to various unexpected priorities and delays on the part of the editing firm. The final sound and video edits are expected to be completed in March. Order your copy online NOW!

Alcor Information in French
Those who speak French and are interested in learning more about Alcor’s membership program can now do so more easily by visiting the “In French” section of Alcor’s website.