Clinical and Readiness

Orders have been placed for the parts and rescue baskets necessary to the construction of our ice bath inventory. A list has been assembled for the components of our new cardiopulmonary support and airway kits, and the ordering will begin once we complete our inventory of the supplies currently on hand. We are still attempting to find a local manufacturer for the ice bath liners, as the one we had built in California was done a little more sloppily than we would like.

The new liner was tested, and it held approximately 200 pounds of ice cold for 95 hours in a room that was on average 17 degrees C/63 degrees F. In warmer temperatures, it should last at least 48 hours. The liner also did not quite fit around a Ziegler case, being a foot too short, but fit inside quite nicely.

We have also completed the construction of our hands-free washing station across from the operating room. This will ensure that surgeons scrubbing in for a procedure do not have to request someone else shut the water off, because the faucet is controlled by foot pedal.