Alcor News Update

Tanya Jones wrote a post for Alcor News explaining Alcor’s challenges and vision/efforts for overcoming them. The blog was opened for comments, as well.

This has resulted in several positive outcomes. Alcor has received multiple compliments, both public and private, including one from a prospective member who wrote:

“…I have been following Alcor news and happens for some time. I wanted to comment on the increased transparency I’ve noticed recently and let you know how wonderful I think it is…I think you are doing a great job and moving in the right direction with the openness I am seeing…I have had an information packet sitting on my desk for some time. The recent changes I have seen have been one of the strongest influences increasing my trust in Alcor and have prompted me to complete my application and send it in.”

There was also a largely positive blog post made by the Methuselah Foundation: