7th Alcor Conference DVD Set

Wish you could have attended the 2007 conference? Don’t worry . . . the conference will come to you! The 2007 Alcor Conference DVD set is now in production and will be available soon! This 2 DVD set will include a tour of the Alcor facility AND intriguing presentations with Q&A sessions for the following conference speakers:

• Steve Bridge: Why We Are Here and Where We Are Going
• Brian Wowk, PhD: Common Questions about Cryobiology and Cryonics
• Stephen Van Sickle: Research Directions at Alcor
• Tanya Jones: Improving Cryopreservation Technology at Alcor
• Ralph Merkle, PhD: Molecular Nanotechnology and the Repair of Cryopreserved Patients
• Michael West, PhD: Immortal Cells: The Prospect of Regenerative Medicine
• Aubrey de Grey, PhD: Is it Politically Safe for a Biologist to Support Cryonics Publicly?
• Ralph Merkle, PhD; Michael Seidl, PhD, JD; Stephen Van Sickle; Brian Wowk, PhD: Alcor board panel
• David Crippen, MD; Tanya Jones; Leslie Whetstine, PhD; Aschwin de Wolf: Human Cryopreservation and Critical Care Medicine Panel
• Steven Harris, MD: Rapid Hypothermia Induction Methods and Brain Oxygen Requirements in Resuscitation and Cryonics
• Calvin Mercer, PhD: Cryonics and Religion: Friends or Foes?
• Christine Peterson: Life Extension: Good News, Bad News, Surprising News
• Chris Heward, PhD: The Kronos Longitudinal Aging Study: The Measurement of Human Aging.

For a limited time only receive your DVD Set at our special pre-order rate of $39.95 plus shipping and handling. Order online at: www.shop.alcor.org or call 1-877-462-5267 ext 101.