Research and Engineering Development

Progress continues to be made with the new whole body vitrification system. Our metal contractor has completed work on the operating table cold stage, and more equipment has been interfaced to the computer system.

This system will allow an unprecedented degree of control over the whole body cryoprotection and vitrification process, and in particular it is hoped the cooling stage will allow deep cooling to -100C on the operating table, avoiding the time and warming that results from moving to another cooling system. This is just part of what is being accomplished with the Bina and Martine Rothblatt matching grant. It is hoped that the work will be completed enough for thorough testing by the start of the year.

Minor renovations are being made to suite 109 to accommodate this testing and the bypass and vitrification lab being assembled by Chana Williford. We anticipate substantial completion by the end of this month. Chana is also assembling formal experimental protocols for all our activities to ensure more than full compliance with regulatory requirements.