Marketing and Public Affairs

The 4th quarter issue of the magazine includes several ethics articles, some focusing on cryonics and others focusing more broadly on life extension and discussing the history of medical ethics with opinions of prominent bioethicists. Two companies decided to advertise in Cryonics magazine starting with the next issue: Ameriprise Financial and Cryonics Society of Canada.

Windfall Films: Alcor provided B-roll footage for this UK documentary primarily featuring Aubrey de Grey and exploring the science of aging and life extension research.
Zig Zag documentary: The US version of this documentary debuted on the National Geographic channel in September.
Rolling Stone: A reporter from Rolling Stone magazine attended the Alcor conference in relation to a feature he’s writing about a man known as “Mystery” and for background research on a book he’s writing about life extension. He interviewed Tanya Jones.
Rizzoli Corriere della Sera: A reporter for this Italian magazine attended the conference and interviewed several Alcor members for his article.
“The Immortalist”: Two producers from Paramount Pictures attended the Alcor conference as part of their background research for a film titled “The Immortalist”.
The Quest for the Neverending Life: The author of a book investigating many areas of society’s interest in anti-aging visited the facility to learn more about cryonics, which she sees as a prominent movement in the effort to ward off aging and take advantage of medical technology.
MBC: Tanya Jones and Sergey Sheleg were interviewed for this Korean show addressing how the sciences may help extend lives.
AZ Republic: A reporter interviewed Tanya Jones for an article he’s writing about the wealth preservation trust.

The 6th Alcor Conference was held in early October. Results from the evaluation forms indicate that 93 percent of attendees were highly pleased with the overall program, and the positive energy of the crowd was obvious.

Attendees indicated the main benefit of attending the conference was the opportunity to meet members and build relationships with them. They also enjoyed the presentations. The top three presentations were given by Brian Wowk, Ralph Merkle, and Aubrey de Grey, respectively.

On the side of constructive criticisms, the food served at the conference was not healthy enough for the liking of the attendees. Attendees also requested that more be done to facilitate opportunities to interact with the Alcor staff and other members. We intend to do this is by adding the city/state of residence on the attendee badges and introducing the Alcor staff members to the audience, perhaps at the welcome reception.

In looking forward to the 2007 conference, we have identified ten potential sponsors. We also had several suggestions for possible topics, including several requests for a general discussion of longevity and how healthy living promotes life extension.

We are in the process of producing a conference DVD set for sale in an online webstore, which we have already started establishing. Advertisements for DVD pre-orders have been designed.