Research at the Calorie Restriction Society

For those with an interest in caloric restriction as a possible means of extending one’s life, the below post may be of interest:

Dear Alcor Members,

I am pleased to have the opportunity to address you about some very exciting research that the Calorie Restriction Society has initiated. Since your Alcor membership defines you as extremely interested in living life, I imagine that you are also a longevist – desirous of living as long and healthy a life as possible. Let me say that, as fellow longevists, we’re likely to share many common aspirations and even some common behaviors. Probably we all are doing something that we believe will improve our health or even lengthen our life – whether it’s a particular amount of exercise or a special diet design or specific food supplements. Probably you also hope, as I do, that the long life you get from these activities will carry you into the wonderful age that’s coming when most disease has been eradicated and aging can be postponed almost indefinitely.

For such a plan to succeed, we must get every possible life-extending benefit from our health practices. That means that the many decisions longevists make, e.g., what supplements to take, how much exercise to do, how to eat, must be correct — actually leading to a longer life rather than activating pathways that increase the body’s aging. We want solid scientific answers to these and other pressing questions. That’s why the CR Society initiated a milestone study that will begin to establish genetic and cell-signaling profiles of human calorie restrictors and show how these regulators correspond to clinical markers that can easily be tested in most labs. And it’s why I encourage you to learn more about it and get involved too.

The details are at:

Or we invite you to read our press release:

We certainly welcome you to join us.

Wishing us all long health!
Meredith Averill
CR Society Board Chair