July Marketing Report

Magazine: The 3rd quarter issue of Cryonics magazine is in production. We are in the planning stages for the 4th quarter issue which will have the theme of Ethics.

Information packages: Information package requests were around 20 percent below normal this month (83 distributed). 30 information package requests were received from UK in August following airing of the Zig Zag documentary.

Further media details:
Daily Mail: Cheryl Walsh handled this interview (Tanya Jones was out of the office) for a newspaper in the UK, resulting from the Zig Zag press release.

Ottawa Citizen: Cheryl Walsh handled this interview for a newspaper in Canada, resulting from the Zig Zag press release.

Adler Online: Tanya Jones did a live radio interview with Charles Adler for listeners in Canada, resulting from the Zig Zag press release.

Institution of Chemical Engineers: This is a trade journal for chemical engineers and the article is expected to focus on what is happening in the field of cryonics and the interplay of science/engineering.

American Antigravity: http://www.americanantigravity.com/articles/568/1/
Ralph Merkle was interviewed for this article for an aerospace publication about the potential of nanotechnology and cryonics, particularly as it may pertain to space travel.

Alcor answered a small number of questions for Ben Bradlee, Jr. through WalshCOMM and declined to participate in a pilot show for a UK production company for the Discovery channel.