Alcor News #52

Alcor News, June 2006
Your source for insider’s info June 2006, #52

Michelle Fry Joins Alcor as Readiness Coordinator
We are pleased to announce the hiring of a new Readiness Coordinator. Michelle Fry comes to us from a group of EMTs based in Laughlin, Nevada. She has participated in several standbys and one cryoprotection over the past two years and has a background in security. Michelle took the initiative last year to fill one of the main gaps in Alcor’s training protocols. She contacted the local Coroner in Mohave County, Arizona, and received training in femoral cut-downs (surgery to access blood vessels in the leg during blood washout). With her direct medical and pathology experience, Michelle is well-suited to step into the readiness role and learn the particulars of cryonics.

This hiring decision was made sooner than we had originally planned, because our Transport Coordinator, Bill Voice, was accepted to an accelerated nursing program at a local community college. For the next three semesters, he will be working part-time at Alcor while he completes his nursing credentials. [TJ]

REGISTER TODAY for the 6th Alcor Conference: An Inside Look at the Science and Medicine of Tomorrow. Registration is now open for the 6th Alcor Conference being held at the Scottsdale Marriott in Arizona from October 6-8. The early rate of $295 is in effect until August 1. Visit to register. Check the website regularly for full conference details and updates. [JC]

Proposed Research Collaboration
Dr. Sergey Sheleg, Alcor Senior Research Scientist, is investigating collaborative projects with scientists from Russia. One possible collaboration with Prof. Natalia Gulyaeva, D.Sc. (Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology, Russian Academy of Sciences) will study changes in the cellular biology of neurons after vitrification. Dr. Sheleg plans to visit two Russian research institutions in October, along with Steve Van Sickle, to further explore the possibilities. [SSH]

Research Capability Progress
A number of laboratory instruments are being refurbished both in-house and at specialty firms. This, combined with the space that has been freed up by recent construction, has expanded Alcor’s research capability. [SVS]

Whole-Body Patient Transport – Nitrogen Shipper
Members of Alcor’s technical team spoke with the engineer responsible for the Cryoporter system, a sample transport system for cryogenic temperatures (below -150°C), about the possibility of developing a whole-body shipper for Alcor’s patients. Such a system might lead to significantly improved care for members far from Alcor headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, by allowing them to be transported at lower temperatures. The engineer’s team is preparing a feasibility study for the design work and prototyping.

Among the topics of discussion were the safety aspects of using nitrogen vapor on aircraft and the whether the design can meet the standards imposed by the National Transportation Safety Board. Commercial aircraft is still preferred for transporting Alcor patients at significantly lower temperatures.

If the design proves feasible and the prototype is built, it will encourage the subsequent development of field vitrification techniques. Though field vitrification is a much longer-term proposal, the nitrogen shipper would be an essential element to any such development. A vitrified patient must be lowered to and kept at low temperature (lower than dry ice) or else ice crystals will start forming (devitrification), defeating the whole purpose. Design of the shipper would need to be nearly complete before field protocols could be changed. [TJ]

Training Dates: Florida & Texas
Florida: July 22 & 23 at Suspended Animation Inc in Boynton Beach
Texas: September 23 & 24 at the home of an Alcor member in Austin
Both training sessions will be from 8am-5pm on the above weekends followed by a Sunday evening party for local members and supporters.

Alcor training sessions are given throughout the year in a variety of locations for the purpose of training individuals to perform cryopreservation stabilization and transport procedures. Following training, you will become a member of the Regional Transport Team in your area and may be contacted if an Alcor member needs help.

Training sessions are attended by one or more Alcor personnel and offer an introduction to biohazard and safety protocols, advanced airway management, cardiopulmonary support and blood washout procedures. Training also includes introductions to negotiating with medical personnel, families and medical examiners or coroners.

Local medical professionals and members of Alcor or other cryonics organizations are eligible to attend. There is no charge for attendance but each person is responsible for their own travel and hotel expenses.
Please email Michelle Fry () if you would like to attend. [JC]

Facility Renovations
Some minor renovations are continuing in the new suite occupied by Alcor (unit 105). This suite was secured for storing the emergency transport vehicle and will be used for preparing medical kits, perfusate, and surgical kits. [SVS]

Marketing & Media
Alcor has entered into a new retainer agreement with WalshCOMM, its PR firm since 2004. Their objectives center around services in support of Alcor’s 3-year marketing plan.

Tanya Jones did a 20-minute radio interview for Life Online. The show is hosted by Bob Parsons, the CEO of Go Daddy Software, and airs on XM and Sirius satellite radio. The radio station is in the Scottsdale Airpark and the producer has seen the Alcor facility, which spurred his interest. [JC]

Membership Growth
On May 31, 2006, Alcor had 795 members on its Emergency Responsibility List. Three memberships were approved during this month, no memberships were reinstated, one membership was cancelled and no members were cryopreserved. Overall, there was a net gain of two members this month. [DC]

Cryonics Magazine
Do you have an idea for Cryonics magazine? Are you interested in publishing an advertisement? Contact the editor: .

Next Board Meeting
The next Board meeting is scheduled for Saturday, July 8, 2006, at 11:00 AM (MST). Board meetings are typically held on the first Saturday of the month at the Alcor facility (7895 East Acoma Drive in Scottsdale, AZ). Members and the public are encouraged to attend.

Employment Opportunities
Have you ever thought about joining the Alcor team? We have opportunities for licensed Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians, Registered Nurses, Lab Technicians and more to join our nationwide Transport Team. Participation is on a contractual basis. You’ll be given cryonics training enabling you to participate in our patient rescue and transport cases. Licensed professionals do not have to be Alcor members to join our team. We welcome your expertise and interest. Send your resume to:

Alcor United
Alcor members have a new forum where they can meet and chat with other members. Get to know other cryonics supporters in your area and around the world by visiting Alcor United (