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  • Engines of Creation by K. Eric Drexler. The book that introduced the word “nanotechnology” to the world. As riveting today as when it was published in 1986. Contains a chapter on cryonics. Highly recommended. A second edition (2007) is also available as a free PDF.
  • Nanomedicine Volume I: Basic Capabilities by Robert A. Freitas. A detailed technical examination of nanotechnology applied to medicine.
  • Nanomedicine Volume IIA: Biocompatibility by Robert A. Freitas. A detailed look at potential responses of the human body to the introduction of artificial medical nanodevices.
  • The Prospect of Immortality by Robert Ettinger. The book that started the cryonics movement in 1964.
  • The Scientific Conquest of Death - Essays on Infinite Lifespans, edited by the Immortality Institute.
  • Forever for All by R. Michael Perry. Discusses cryonics in the context of far-reaching speculation on means for retention and recovery of personal identity.
  • The First Immortal by James Halperin (MS Word document). A fictional story of a family surviving and reuniting after a century of cryopreservation.
  • Formerly Brandewyne by Jude Liebermann (there is a link to obtain a PDF file). A fictional story of a middle-aged executive waking as a young woman in 2078 after a "fatal" car accident in 1999.
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